Why 2023 Is the Ideal Time to Transition to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

Published July 27, 2023
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In the post-pandemic world, change has been the only constant, shaping every aspect of our lives. The advent of new COVID-19 strains, unprecedented business disruptions, and global supply chain challenges have left indelible marks on the past years.

Companies and organizations have been pushed to adapt, rethinking their operating models. A crucial part of this adaptation has been the increased use of QuickBooks Enterprise. However, in 2023, businesses are switching gears, preferring to utilize QuickBooks Enterprise as a hosted solution provided by third-party vendors. This shift has unlocked several new capabilities for QuickBooks Enterprise users, including easy accessibility from anywhere.

Indeed, the growth of cloud hosting services has exploded in recent years. If there ever was a perfect time to opt for QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, that time is now!

To provide clarity, let’s discuss five compelling reasons why 2023 is the golden year for switching to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

Cultivating a Distributed Workforce

Did you know that it’s projected that by the end of 2023, a quarter of all jobs in North America will be performed remotely? The COVID-19 pandemic initiated a massive cultural shift in the way we work. Companies that adapted to remote work enjoyed the benefit of staying operational during lockdowns.

But the benefits didn’t stop there. Increased employee productivity and access to a broader talent pool regardless of geographical location were some unexpected advantages.

With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you can access your QuickBooks files from anywhere. This deviates from the traditional QB Enterprise desktop version, which is accessible only from the device it’s installed on.

For businesses wanting to harness the full potential of a distributed workforce, it’s crucial to move QuickBooks Enterprise to the cloud. This enables remote employees to access QuickBooks from anywhere, facilitated by a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider.

Ensure Top-notch Data Protection

With ransomware attacks expected to happen every 11 seconds in 2022, QuickBooks Enterprise users dealing with sensitive financial data need a robust security solution.

Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise far surpasses the security features of its traditional counterpart. Esteemed cloud hosting providers offer a dedicated IT team to monitor and address potential security threats. They also implement anti-hacking measures and tools to avert cyber-attacks.

Moreover, advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) system, high-level encryption, and up-to-date anti-ransomware software are typically included. Renowned hosting providers also apply network filters to block harmful network activities, securing your financial data far more effectively than QB Enterprise Desktop.

Foster Seamless Business Growth 

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting provides a dual advantage. While your employees can comfortably work from home, negating the need for a physical office, your clients can access your services remotely. As remote options gain popularity, the potential of what you can achieve with QuickBooks Enterprise is exciting.

Regardless of your location – San Francisco, Hawaii, or Las Vegas, you can serve clients across different cities, states, or even continents. This way, you can expand your customer base globally without incurring the high costs of establishing a physical office.

An investment in a monthly package, coupled with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, could result in significant savings on hardware costs for your business.

Experience Easy IT Management

With QB Enterprise Desktop, the entire burden of IT management falls on you. From sourcing parts to deployment, every task requires your attention. Additionally, you need to invest in an IT team, incurring substantial costs.

However, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting takes the stress out of IT management. Reputed hosting providers manage all the IT challenges, with a dedicated team available 24/7 to resolve your IT issues. All you need to manage is an end-point device, be it a laptop or a smartphone.

A testament to the IT management capabilities of a hosted QuickBooks provider can be gauged by their uptime guarantee. You can enjoy unparalleled access to QB Enterprise with hosting providers offering an impressive 99.999% SLA uptime guarantee.

Deliver Data-driven Accounting Services 

The business landscape is evolving rapidly. CPAs and accounting firms need to provide data-based services. Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise is an excellent platform for incorporating data analytics.

Unlike QB Enterprise Desktop, where data is stored on various end-point devices, making it challenging to gather and analyze, hosted QuickBooks Enterprise stores information in a centralized server. This eliminates the need to print and store files and makes QuickBooks Enterprise hosting an eco-friendly solution.

Collecting data from multiple devices is hassle-free, allowing for easy data analytics and providing data-based services to clients.

Also, renowned QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers use High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers, enabling you to process larger data sets for data analysis faster.


Transitioning to QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is an effective strategy to navigate not just the unpredictable aftermath of COVID-19 but also the ongoing geopolitical and business uncertainties that 2023 presents. It stands as a superior alternative to QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop for the tax seasons ahead.