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Family Office

Cloud-based ERP solutions for family offices

Educational institutions have been among the most active adopters of cloud-based ERP solutions. Primarily, cloud adoption in the education industry was motivated by the need to support the educational process for students around the globe, budgetary challenges, and data security concerns. Using cloud accounting and finance systems instead of on-premise solutions is justifiable for everyone in the industry: from educational institutions and businesses to teachers and students.

Monitor business assets and manage investment portfolio with gotomyerp’s cloud ERP services

Adoption of cloud accounting tools provides family offices with a centralized platform for the management of all aspects of their business operations, from payments processing and billing to investments planning and real-time analytics of financial performance indicators.

How family offices benefit from cloud bookkeeping tools.

With cloud-hosted accounting and financial management solutions, such as QuickBooks or Sage, family offices of any size are able to maintain highly organized and protected against digital disruption operations, while successfully addressing the most challenging parts of this business field.

Unified data collection and accounting across multiple business entities

One significant advantage of cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks or Sage for family offices is the ability to use one account for centralized management of multiple business entities that are part of the family assets. Tools and solutions for planning and managing of the investments portfolio are also available as part of the cloud platform, as well as centralized data collection and storage with easy access to saved documents and data for authorized users. 

Large selection of financial and accounting tools in one app 

Modern cloud accounting services, such as QuickBooks and Sage, incorporate a large variety of tools and applications as part of a single platform, providing family offices with a convenient way to manage all financial operations. They are able to create all kinds of official business documents, such as invoices, quotations, bills, contracts, etc., directly in the app and instantly send them to clients. Built-in card payment modules allow family office users to receive payments, while payment workflow automation makes it possible to minimize the need for manual approval of mundane transactions. 

Enterprise-level performance and data security, on-demand scalability 

Prior to the cloud computing era, the majority of family offices couldn’t get the access to enterprise-level infrastructure to power their financial management solutions. Properly securing their on-premise ERP systems against cyber threats and unauthorized access was also a common problem. Using cloud bookkeeping platforms allows family offices to stop worrying about all infrastructure-related issues, outsourcing all the performance and cybersecurity-related issues to the hosting provider.

What makes gotomyerp a leading cloud ERP platform?

  • Advanced data security capabilities 
  • Automated data backups with copying to secondary data centers for extra safety 
  • Quick access recovery and data restoration 
  • High-performance dedicated servers with optimal settings
  • Timely infrastructure updates and software upgrades 
  • Personalized approach to each client’s needs 
  • A flexible payment model that can be customized for the client’s individual needs 
  • Expert consulting and cloud ERP implementation services