Navigating Through the QuickBooks Desktop Service Discontinuation Policy

Published March 21, 2024
QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy 2024

As we approach the service discontinuation date for QuickBooks Desktop 2021, it’s crucial for businesses relying on this software to understand the implications and explore their options for a seamless transition. Gotomyerp is here to guide you through this significant change, ensuring your accounting operations continue without disruption.

Understanding Service Discontinuation

When will QuickBooks Desktop 2021 services be discontinued?
The discontinuation is set for May 31, 2024. This affects QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions v21, and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021, along with associated services like Payroll and Payments.

What does service discontinuation entail?
From June 1, 2024, users of these versions will lose access to live technical support, critical security updates, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, Payments, online bank feeds, and other integrated services.

Transitioning to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

For businesses seeking flexibility and enhanced collaboration, moving to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is an excellent alternative. QuickBooks Hosting provides access to your financial data anytime, anywhere, with a host of features designed to streamline your accounting processes.

How does the transition work?
Gotomyerp simplifies the move to QuickBooks in the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition of your data and operations. Our experts are here to support you every step of the way, from selecting the right QuickBooks Hosting plan to completing the migration.

Need help with the transition?
Gotomyerp offers unlimited customer support for businesses moving to QuickBooks in the Cloud. Call 877-888-5525 or schedule a consultation to receive personalized assistance and make your transition as seamless as possible.

What about your company data?
Rest assured, your QuickBooks Desktop file remains intact during the transition. Gotomyerp ensures that you can continue your operations in QuickBooks Desktop while setting up your QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, providing a detailed guide on how your data will be transferred and what features you can expect.

Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop

If you prefer to stay within the QuickBooks Desktop ecosystem, upgrading to the latest version is another viable path. Intuit can facilitate the upgrade process, whether you’re looking to update your Desktop Pro, Premier, or move to a newer Enterprise solution.

Why Choose gotomyerp for Your QuickBooks Transition?

Gotomyerp is committed to providing businesses with the support they need during this period of transition. Our award-winning service, extensive experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the ideal partner for navigating the changes brought about by QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation. With gotomyerp, you can look forward to a future of enhanced flexibility, security, and efficiency in your accounting operations.

For personalized assistance and to explore your options, contact gotomyerp today at 877-888-5525. Transition confidently to QuickBooks in the Cloud with gotomyerp, and ensure your business remains on the cutting edge of accounting technology.



How can I determine if this discontinuation affects me?
If you’re utilizing QuickBooks Desktop 2021 or any related Intuit services and rely on live technical support, it’s critical to transition your data by May 31, 2024, to maintain uninterrupted service.

Which 2021 services will be impacted?
Transitioning to QuickBooks Online ensures continued access to essential add-on services and live support. Detailed information on impacted services will be provided, including:

  • Payroll Services: Various payroll functionalities, including Assisted Payroll, Basic, Standard, Enhanced Payroll, Workers’ Comp Payment Service, and QuickBooks Workforce, will be affected post-May 31, 2024.
  • Credit Card Processing: Services including Payment Processing, Merchant Service Deposit, Recurring Payments, and eInvoice will no longer be available through QuickBooks Desktop 2021.
  • Other Services: Accountant Copy Transfer Service, Contributed Reports, Multi-currency/Exchange Rate features, Online Banking, and QuickBooks Time integration will also be discontinued.