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Sage & QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services for the Professional and Business Services Sector 

Today, QuickBooks, Sage and other reputable cloud accounting solutions are viewed as an increasingly common first choice of deployment approach, actively gaining traction in the professional and business services sector. Growing enterprise IT infrastructure demands and dynamically changing economic environment pressures organizations to look for innovative instruments, capable of fielding modern-day level of performance, data exchange and cyber protection. 

Professional and business services firms across fields adopt cloud ERP software

Here are some of the most active adopters of cloud-hosted ERP solutions across industries and business activity fields.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Architectural, engineering, and scientific services
  • CPAs, financial auditors and tax consultancy providers
  • Graphic design and illustrations
  • Lawyers and legal professionals
  • Financial advisers and investment experts
  • Marketing and web development services 
  • Business consultants and management advisors 
  • Non-information technology development services

As well as organizations and business entities in various other industry sectors and market niches.

How professional and business service firms benefit from Sage & Quickbooks Cloud Hosting Services

Organizations In the professional and business services sector are rushing to implement cloud-based accounting systems, reaching a wide variety of competitive gains and business benefits. The migration from on-premise to cloud ERP platforms allows them to accommodate remote workers, minimize IT infrastructure expenses, and have instant access to real-time business analytics. 

Sage & QuickBooks cloud hosting enables organizations to keep up with the modern-day digital business environment and operate at a speed that was impossible earlier, making timely informed adjustments into operational processes to achieve performance goals without having to spend extra time and financial resources or risk damaging customer satisfaction.

Main strengths of Sage & QuickBooks cloud hosting

Enterprises operating across the professional and business services sectors gain multiple business advantages and strengths that would be inaccessible to them in absence of cloud computing technologies and widespread data center infrastructure. 

Here are some of the most crucial strengths of cloud-based bookkeeping tools compared to on-premise solutions. 

Optimized Costs

Using cloud environments to host ERP systems and all data related to accounting and financial management processes allows professional and business services enterprises to minimize costs of IT systems maintenance, securing their infrastructure for long-term productive operations on predictable budget and no hidden expenses. 

On-demand scalability

Sage & QuickBooks Cloud hosting allows professional and business services sector users to scale their operations quickly without having to invest in additional infrastructure or personnel training, as they can access virtually unlimited computing resources, available on-demand and customizable to their individual needs and requirements. 

No upfront investments

No upfront investments are required in order to establish and start using a cloud accounting and financial management system. This relieves professional and business services firms from the need to spend significant resources on hardware and network components, allowing them to focus on their core operations and expertise. 

User collaboration and flexible access controls

Cloud platforms support simultaneous real-time access for users across company teams, allowing them to exchange data, discuss tasks and bookkeeping processes and collaborate on projects, while accessing the system remotely via mobile or desktop devices. 

Data security and protection against threats 

Cloud-based solutions protect professional and business service providers from a wide variety of cyber threats, unauthorized access attempts and accidental leaks during data transmission with advanced security instruments that are regularly updated and upgraded in accordance with latest technology developments. 

Superb cyber security and data protection

Providing secure and reliable fully-managed cloud-based ERP solutions for customers in the professional and business services sector since 2005, we strive to take away troubles and concerns of our clients. gotomyerp gives paramount consideration to every possible cybersecurity angle in your hosting services. 

Cloud firewalls

A network of cloud-based firewalls form the first line of defense around servers, applications and your data, identifying and blocking potentially dangerous traffic. Multi-layer firewalls allow gotomyerp to provide all-inclusive, integrated and automated protection against malware, malicious traffic of various kinds, and other threats. 

Advanced data protection and encryption

No matter how secure and sophisticated your servers and cloud infrastructure may be, it cannot protect the data shared with external sources. This is why all inbound and outbound data transmissions to gotomyerp’s cloud servers are encrypted, protecting data that may be intercepted along the way.

Multi-layer access controls 

The standard way of user authentication with username and password clearly is not reliable enough in the modern-day web environment. In order to protect your cloud accounts and data from hackers and other unauthorized users, gotomyerp leverages a combination of flexible access control techniques, such as multi-factor authentication and custom password policies. 

Backups for every possible recovery scenario 

When most cloud hosting providers offer basic reserve copying of client’s data on a schedule, gotomyerp takes several steps further, providing a selection of backups to fit every possible recovery scenario you may require.  

Constant upgrades and updates 

In today’s increasingly fast-paced technological environment, it is very easy to fall behind. Data security solutions that were cutting edge yesterday may get vulnerable to threats tomorrow. We are religiously focused on upgrading and updating our infrastructure in a timely manner. This approach is the reason why we can proudly claim that gotomyerp provides bulletproof data security to our clients right this minute. 


Staying in compliance with rules and policies when migrating your accounting and finance solutions to a cloud-based system can be a headache. Especially for private entrepreneurs and small firms in the professional and business services sector. 

Too busy with daily tasks to spend extra time on figuring out how to make sure your cloud-based hosting is compliant with industry standards and requirements? 

Taking the compliance burden off your shoulders, gotomyerp is ready to provide certificates, verifying that our cloud infrastructure complies with financial reporting regulations and cloud infrastructure requirements. 

ERP offers for users in the professional and business services industry

QuickBooks Enterprise 

An advanced accounting solution designed primarily for private firms and SMBs across industries, QB Enterprise includes inventory management, expense tracking, payroll management, invoicing, and many other feature components, making it an advanced yet affordable accounting tool for users in professional and business services.

Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 Cloud is a modern cloud accounting solution optimized for small businesses. It provides a core set of capabilities, including payment workflows, customer management and financial reporting, as well as premium features, such as detailed profitability tracking, cash flow forecasting and custom reporting. 

Sage 100 Cloud

Sage 100 is a comprehensive platform tailored for small or mid-sized businesses and public sector organizations that require advanced features and app modules to manage their accounting processes efficiently. Sage 100 delivers a streamlined platform able to support the most complex workflows in logistics, purchasing and inventory management.

Sage 300 Cloud

Developed to match the requirements of medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, Sage 300 Cloud allows professional and business services sector users to manage multiple businesses, assets and investment projects with maximum productivity. License comes with local and international support through an extensive business partner network.

Popular apps and add-ons that help CPAs to achieve more with Sage & QuickBooks cloud hosting

Sales tax integration
  • Avalara 
  • Vertex
Payroll integrations
  • ADP
  • Paychex
  • Gusto
  • Intuit Payroll
Time tracking solutions
  • QuickBooks Time
  • QuickBase
  • BeanWorks
  • eBility Time Tracker
Project tracking solutions
  • Zoho Projects
  • QuickBase
  • Kimble
Billing and AP workflow solutions
  • Tipali
  • Solver
  • eBizCharge