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QuickBooks & Sage Cloud Hosting Solutions for the real estate industry 

Over the years, cloud-based bookkeeping solutions have become the primary choice for businesses across various parts and niches of the real estate industry. Companies of all sizes in real estate and property management understandably prefer to rely on cloud tools for their accounting and finance management activities instead of on-premise solutions. Modern-day comprehensive cloud accounting systems, such as QuickBooks or Sage, provide tools and features able to streamline the bookkeeping processes for real estate investors, property managers, agents and developers. 

Manage accounting processes and track expenses with gotomyerp’s cloud hosting services

Cloud-based bookkeeping solutions allow real estate businesses to address all the main accounting challenges typical for this industry. Tools like QuickBooks and Sage provide components and technical capabilities to support all aspects of collecting rent and other fees for real estate investors, while also incorporating features that enable companies to issue bills and quotations, receive payments, track and estimate costs, come up with financial projections, and perform multiple other activities. 

How real estate businesses benefit from cloud bookkeeping solutions 

The adoption of cloud-based ERP and accounting solutions delivers a handful of benefits to real estate businesses. With QuickBooks or Sage, real estate companies, small firms and individual professionals can manage their finances remotely and at affordable cost, while maintaining highly organized and protected against digital disruption operations.

On-site creation of bills, invoices and contracts 

Many modern cloud bookkeeping solutions, including QuickBooks available on gotomyerp platform, allow users to issue and send to clients invoices, contracts, quotations, bills and other documents directly in the application. With remote access to a cloud app on mobile devices, real estate investors are able to sign contracts with tenants and/or agents, setting up automatic monthly payment workflows, reminders, approvals, etc. Real estate developers using cloud ERP solutions benefit from the ability to send and receive payments on-site, taking care and monitoring all financial activities remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Accurate project estimations and real-time costs control 

Using cloud-based ERP solutions makes it easier for real estate businesses to come up with cost estimations and control expenses across projects and operations. Expenses can be entered into the system immediately upon occurrence, which allows management to adjust budgets and monitor profitability in real time, avoiding unexpected losses or budget overruns.

Reliable data protection and built-in compliance 

Utilizing reputable cloud-based accounting service providers, such as gotomyerp, allows real estate businesses to outsource the need to maintain up-to-date cybersecurity infrastructure and follow multiple requirements and procedures in order to comply with data protection rules or other regulations. Having all their data reliably protected from hackers and disasters when stored on remote servers, and encrypted during the transmission process to minimize potential breaches, real estate industry businesses are able to focus on their core operations with improved efficiency and boosted performance as a result. 

What makes gotomyerp a leading cloud-hosting ERP platform?

  • Advanced data security capabilities 
  • Automated data backups with copying to secondary data centers for extra safety 
  • Quick access recovery and data restoration 
  • High-performance dedicated servers with optimal settings
  • Timely infrastructure updates and software upgrades 
  • Personalized approach to each client’s needs 
  • A flexible payment model that can be customized for the client’s individual needs 
  • Expert consulting and cloud ERP implementation services