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QuickBooks Hosting FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do you allow Quickbooks Add-on Solutions and 3rd Party Systems?

We do! We have a one of the largest catalogs of verified and tested products as a QuickBooks hosting provider. If you don’t see it on our list, we can test and validate most products to run with your QuickBooks easily for a small certification fee. 97% of all new applications pass our certification process.

Can I host a Quickbooks Custom Application?

Yes after a test is performed by our engineers to validate the application’s performance, security and resource requirements, a small certification fee is priced separately.

Where do my Quickbooks company files get stored?

gotomyerp hosts your Quickbooks company files the same datacenter as your server at AWS in the US or Canada. If you are a US Customer, only in the US. If you are a Canadian Customer, only in Canada.

Am I able to make a copy of my Quickbooks company files?

Absolutely. You can download it to your local computer, it’s that easy.

How much Quickbooks data storage do I get?

We start all our systems with 150GB of HDD storage for your application data but will help you size storage correctly if you need more. You’d just add-on as you go.

Does your QuickBooks Hosting meet HIPAA compliance?

Our servers are NIST-800-171 compliant which is the authoritative specification for HIPAA Environments for computing.

How secure is QuickBooks Hosting?

We use AWS DataCenters, which employ high security standards. Our infrastructure architecture for Quickbooks is also security by industry standard encryption, as well as many controls to keep our security in check. We are SOC2 Type 2 certified, so a strict set of security standards is always maintained.

Gotomyerp uses enterprise class security, infrastructure and data centers so you have the best possible security.

How do you protect QuickBooks and my data?

gotomyerp Hosted Quickbooks customers have a full recovery environment ready in a different location in the US or Canada and allow you to test if it is working. We include this test with our Fully Managed Plans.

Can QuickBooks be hosted on the cloud for governments, military and military suppliers?

Certainly. Our Quickbooks hosted environment is certified for ITAR and Government entities.

Hosted QuickBooks Backups. How many are made? How frequently?

Gotomyerp leverages backup technology that takes an image of the whole machine with all your apps and data once per day and intermittently throughout the day. We then capture your company file data separately for added redundancy and ease of restorations.

What application support for QuickBooks is included?

There are few QuickBooks Hosting providers who go beyond the basic network issues and password resets. We’ve designed our Fully Managed Plan to include limited QuickBooks technical support where we contact Intuit on your behalf if needed, can answer “how to use” accounting and QuickBooks questions and much more.

Can I print natively from my Hosted Quickbooks? Like printing reports, statements, checks or custom forms?

Yes. As long as the quality of your internet connection passes our minimum performance requirements, you’ll enjoy all native printing. With custom checks or forms we simply add a specialized print solution for a small one time fee for our Fully Managed plans.

Can invoices, documents and statements be emailed from QuickBooks?

Yes. We allow all users the ability to email directly from our QuickBooks Hosting service. You choose the permissions in QuickBooks for which user can email.

How can I import, export and scan files from a Hosted Quickbooks environment.

gotomyerp Quickbooks Hosting makes importing, exporting, and scanning easy and exactly what you’d expect from the highest quality QuickBooks Hosting solution. For scanning, a small add-on utility is required to provide this functionality.

How fast of an internet connection do I need to use QuickBooks Hosting?

gotomyerp will test your connection within our standards fist so there are no surprises. Most internet connections are perfectly acceptable. For slower connection speeds, there may be some limits on performance, but we will review this with you before you become a customer, not after.

Is gotomyerp Hosted Quickbooks SOC 2 Type 2 Audited? How do we verify your service is everything you say it is?

Every QuickBooks Hosting provider should be audited annually, not just their datacenter, but also by a CPA for SOC 2 Type 2 compliance (at minimum). SOC audits performed by a 3rd party CPA firm represent managements assertions and how they provide the service to customers. We make this available to all our customers.

Do you have customer references for Hosted Quickbooks?

We believe customer references (not just reviews) should be made available by any QuickBooks Hosting provider. gotomyerp will gladly provide customer references and make sure you gain comfort on our team by coordinating customer reference calls and emails in your industry and approximate size.

What’s the difference between having QuickBooks on my server vs QuickBooks Hosted?

There is no difference in functionality. If a qualified QuickBooks hosting provider publishes the app correctly a hosted version of QuickBooks will look and function identically. You will experience improved performance, better maintenance, enhanced security, and fewer issues with QuickBooks Hosting.

How fast does it take to begin using QuickBooks Hosting?

In most cases, your move-in to a Hosted Quickbooks environment can take as little as 2 days. Our team of engineers will install, migrate, upgrade and test your system in a private dedicated server before you get started to guarantee the best experience when you go live. More complicated environments may take longer.

What versions and editions of QuickBooks are supported?

Technically, any version that is compatible with Windows Server 2016 or higher. However, QuickBooks hosting providers that adhere to industry best practices permit the most recently supported QuickBooks versions by Intuit and will help you patch regularly and upgrade annually to take advantage of the software maintenance and feature upgrades you are paying for in your subscription with Intuit. Editions that are most common are; the US, Canadian, UK or Australian editions of QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Pro.

What is the commitment on a Hosted Quickbooks environment and do we have to sign a contract?

Yes, and it’s easy to quit if you need to. We ask that you terminate with 30 days’ notice while on a month-to-month contract, and that’s it. We then prepare your transition and help you as quickly move out as when you started for a smooth transition.

How much does it cost to run a Hosted Quickbooks environment?

Only the best providers of QuickBooks hosting will provide you security, redundancy, private dedicated servers, the network and computing resources needed along with frictionless network and application support that focuses on resolving your issue completely and as fast as is safe. These variables may seem like common sense but only the best will provide them, unlike low-end or shared-resource providers who may not do this at all or charge a premium to assist you.

Our Quickbooks hosting plans start at $50/user/month.

What’s the difference between Dedicated Hosting vs Fully Managed QuickBooks Hosting plans?

Our dedicated server hosting plan is standardized with Quickbooks application support priced separately. Our Fully Managed QuickBooks hosting plan includes nearly all application support, upgrades, and updates for all the applications you host with us. You also have the option of purchasing a QuickBooks license through us as well.

What devices and operating systems can I use to access QuickBooks hosted in the cloud?

Just about any internet connected device that use Windows OS, all iOS and Android including computers, tables, laptops and smart phones.

Warehouse Scanners and Label Printers. Can we use the QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory, or 3rd Parry app, for Pick, Pack and Put-a-way scanning and label printing?

Yes. Just let us know if you need this function and we help configure and enable it for you as a part of the project to set up your environment.

Does gotomyerp Hosted Quickbooks support applications that require Microsoft SQL or other SQL products?

Yes. We support and manage MS SQL Express and MS SQL Standard databases along with other SQL products. Additional computing resources will be necessary to support the increased performance requirements when operating your software or running reports. Computing resources may incur additional costs as the server load grows.

Is multi-factor authentication or 2FA available for Quickbooks Hosted environments?

gotomyerp has 2 Factor Authentication enabled in your environment. Just let us know if you want to activate your 2FA security as a part of your Fully Managed Plan and we’ll just turn it on. (Small one-time setup fee applies)