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Superior service and unparalleled security is delivered daily to our users. Our industry award winning Quickbooks hosting service offers fully managed, dedicated servers with all related IT requirements. Backups, maintenance, upgrades are all included to keep your QuickBooks® running perfect. gotomyerp is an Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosting Provider and a Quality Service Provider allowing you to bundle your license with hosting for maximum savings and ease..

QuickBooks Desktop

Experts in QuickBooks too.

We’re commercial hosting providers that go beyond exceptional hosting. Our team of professionals helps drive your business with amazing technology including Implementation, Education, Customizations and Support.

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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Accelerate the pace of business with the ability to remote access QuickBooks.

Access the most popular accounting software at anytime, anywhere and stay connected with your team in real-time. Have you outgrown QuickBooks Online? Test drive QuickBooks Hosting and continue to expand your business and reach.

Use a Mac? PC? Tablet? No problem. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting works on the devices that work best for you.

What’s new with QuickBooks 2019:

  • Automated Reports – Custom schedule your reports to be sent out and received
  • Smart Search – Speed up searches with a personalized autocomplete tool
  • Report Filters – Apply filters to more than one report on one screen
  • More advanced functions coming every few months.

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Beyond Backups

Automatic data backups and redundancy behind-the-scenes with Self-healing technology that keeps you running.

Dedicated Resources

This is your environment and no one else’s. All the speed and capacity are yours to use every minute of every day.

Every Application

Get the hep you need when you need it. QuickBooks Support is included from our CPAs and ProAdvisors.

What You’d Expect

This is your business and QuickBooks is the heart of being there for you, just like us. goMobile, goGlobal. gotomyerp.

gotomyerp Customers Get So Much More

Need more QuickBooks user licenses? Let us know and we can help you get the best price on QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise every day.

If you already own QuickBooks, just bring your own license, we’ll provide just hosting for you.

Your QuickBooks hosting cloud experience comes with exceptional and responsive support professionals who know you and your business. Ready to help you with your QuickBooks Hosting and Technology Strategy.

All included. Try it for 30 days.


Access Your Data Simultaneously

With QuickBooks Hosting by gotomyerp no more delays. Everyone can just get to work easily and accomplish more. Your data in your own dedicated servers provide optimal performance for your operations.


  • Dedicated Environment Included
  • Private and Secure
  • Redundant and Resilient

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud Hosting

Your data and system are stored in the cloud, not at your office, making access easy and convenient if you have multiple locations, or find yourself going mobile.


  • No More Servers or Maintenance
  • Easy Access
  • Nothing Ever Shared

Everything Just Works

It’s important for you and your business to be as flexible as possible. Whether your business is just starting or running at full capacity your hosted QuickBooks will be there with you in the cloud.


  • Expand when needed
  • No Limits on any 3rd Party Solution
  • Direct Support On All Your Apps


Compare all QuickBooks solutions for your needs. Just ask we’ll help.

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We make your hosting easy. Start by speaking with a knowledgeable ERP professional about your needs. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Intuit Authorized Commercial QuickBooks Hosting

Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosting Provider

“When we first started we had no idea we’d grow as much as we did. But they (gotomyerp) helped us make reasonable decisions for our needs.”

Sienna N. – E-Wellness

QuickBooks Hosting Made Easy.

Upgrades, Migrations and Support all included.

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Alice Youse
21:10 26 Apr 18
I was very impressed with the speed of service from the support team with gotomyerp. I had an issue that was not able to be resolved using the the normal steps/emails, so they connected with me online/remotely and completely resolved my issue right then. I couldn't be more pleased with their excellent assistance today. Thank you!!
Sacha mil
00:32 01 Feb 18
Working with gotomyerp has been a very smooth process, I'm very happy with the choice I made. Their customer service is second to none. I found the response time was 10 minutes or less. No joke! You can rarely find this kinda of response these days. It also helps that their service is consistent and very high quality. Would highly recommend if you're looking for a hosting company!
Moira Goggin
16:35 30 Mar 18
Unmatched service, amazing response time, friendly non-geeky help. GoToMyERP lives up to these accolades and surpasses my expectations. In over 30 years I have never dealt with an IT/hosting company that seems to have thought of everything and even the rare human error emergencies become cake walks. They are the best.
Berkeley Club Beverages
17:03 24 May 18
GoToMyERP has been exceptional in their abilities to quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and provide a fix or a process that has helped us with any issues, including with our ISP-Comcast. After experiencing remote disconnects from our host they quickly determined that a chipset in our Comcast provided modem/wifi router was causing the issues. As Comcast was not able to provide a replacement that gave us the service we were promised, GoToMyERP wasted no time and provided a new modem/wifi router to us at NO COST! After countless hours of lost time due to Comcasts inability to provide support, we are finally back up and running with no issues.Thank you GoToMyERP Support Team!!
Subarashii Kudamono
22:31 28 Feb 18
Top-of-the-line hosting service with special focus on accounting platforms & integration. Concierge service at Michelin 5 star level! Also, team at GotoMyERP really dug in an helped us with integration of our new Order Mgmt System when glitches appeared making this integration a reality (particularly when it took a very long time to identify the core of the matter at hand.
Brian Stilts
12:49 15 Jun 18
I've personally been communicating with the owner of this company on the Microsoft forums and he's awesome. We've been dealing with a Microsoft issue for an eternity and he has stepped up and created a temporary fix for their most recent remote app issue. He did this out of the goodness of his heart and his willingness to help others without asking for any form of monetary reimbursement or public adulation. These are the kind of folks you always hope to find when looking for a good business partner.
Ben van Mierlo
07:41 19 Jun 18
Thanks for publishing the win 1803 fix. Microsoft should have done this, but it is great that you stepped in.
Abhishek Tiwari
16:00 26 Oct 18
Gotomyerps hosted version of QBOOKS works very well (I initially had some reservations about taking the show online) and, most importantly, obviates the need for regular back up by the end user. Additionally, their response to my queries and issues, in terms of speed and efficacy (i.e. getting the problem resolved), was excellent.
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