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QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting services with bulletproof security

Shift your data security concerns on our shoulders. As one of the leading platforms for QuickBooks, Sage, and other cloud-based ERP tools, we give paramount consideration to every possible cybersecurity angle in gotomyerp’s hosting services.

Not having viable protection of your cloud ERP network against cyberthreats can lead to catastrophic business outcomes.

In our era of digital transformation, wide adoption of smart devices, and ubiquitous interconnections between hardware and software solutions, businesses become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats and security breaches of various kinds. 

The continuously rising number of cybersecurity threats is one of the main reasons why so many business owners today are choosing to adopt cloud-based ERP solutions. Migrating from an old-fashioned on-premise solution to cloud ERP software is justified. It is easier to shift your data protection concerns on the shoulders of a reputable, modern cloud hosting services provider with advanced security techniques in place. 

Being one of the leading and most trusted QuickBooks and Sage cloud hosting platforms in the United States and Canada, we at gotomyerp put the protection of our client’s data first and foremost. We offer a wide selection of features and components powered by the latest, most powerful cybersecurity technologies to make sure that information entrusted to us by our clients won’t be compromised, lost, or misused.

Tools and features we use to build an impregnable fortress for your private data

Cloud firewalls

Integrated all-encompassing firewalls for automatic protection against malware.  A network of cloud-based firewalls form the first line of defense around servers, applications and your data, identifying and blocking potentially dangerous traffic. Multi-layer firewalls allow gotomyerp to provide all-inclusive, integrated and automated protection against malware, malicious traffic of various kinds, and other threats. 

Automatic backups for every possible recovery scenario

Automatic backups managed by a hosting provider — to make sure your data will not be lost in case of an emergency such as power outage or software/hardware failure — is another major reason why so many businesses today choose cloud-based ERP solutions. When most cloud hosting providers offer basic reserve copying of client’s data on a schedule, gotomyerp takes it several steps further, providing a selection of backups to fit every possible recovery scenario you may require. 

Upgrades and updates to stay ahead of the cybersecurity race  

In today’s increasingly fast-paced technological environment, it is very easy to fall behind. Data security solutions that were cutting edge yesterday may get vulnerable to threats tomorrow. We are religiously focused on upgrading and updating our infrastructure in a timely manner. This approach is the reason why we can proudly claim that gotomyerp provides bulletproof data security to our clients right this minute. 

Advanced encryption for data transmissions

gotomyerp utilizes advanced data encryption algorithms to make sure your data won’t be compromised during transmission. Digitization and innovative technologies provide businesses with multiple strengths and benefits. But on the flip side, it is much more difficult to prevent confidential information leaks and unauthorized access to data in today’s increasingly interconnected digital environment. Volumes of data shared and exchanged between human workers, software environment layers, and devices are continuously growing. No matter how secure and sophisticated your servers and cloud infrastructure may be, it cannot protect the data shared with external sources. This is why all inbound and outbound data transmissions to gotomyerp’s cloud servers are encrypted, protecting data that may be intercepted along the way.

Multi-layer access controls

The standard way of user authentication with username and password clearly is not reliable enough in the modern-day web environment. In order to protect your cloud accounts and data from hackers and other unauthorized users, gotomyerp leverages a combination of flexible access control techniques, such as multi-factor authentication and custom password policies.