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Easy to use cloud accounting and finance tools for the education industry

Educational institutions have been among the most active adopters of cloud-based ERP solutions. Primarily, cloud adoption in the education industry was motivated by the need to support the educational process for students around the globe, budgetary challenges, and data security concerns. Using cloud accounting and finance systems instead of on-premise solutions is justifiable for everyone in the industry: from educational institutions and businesses to teachers and students.

gotomyerp supports efficient bookkeeping and provides smooth learning experience in education

Cloud accounting and finance tools provide education industry users with the much-needed remote access, affordable pricing, data security, and multiple other strengths of cloud technologies.

Benefits of cloud accounting ERP solutions in education.

The adoption of cloud ERP software provides a multicity of benefits to every major group of users in the education industry. 

For public educational institutions

Strong and reliable protection against cyber threats, affordable pricing and customizable subscription plans, automated backups and guaranteed data restoration in case of a disaster, centralized access control for users with different types of accounts.

For private educational institutions and businesses

Powerful accounting and financial management system with remote access, integration of built-in modules that enable users to issue invoices and accept card payments in the bookkeeping app, reduction of costs to implement and maintain on-premise infrastructure, encryption and other methods of data protection. 

For teachers, professors and lecturers 

Highly accessible cloud ERP systems perfect for remote learning processes, scalability and multiple access customization options for interactions with students and checking their work, stable high-speed performance to streamline the accounting learning process. 

For students

Ability to learn and practice accounting and financial management anywhere in the world, safe data storage and simple access recovery when needed, ability to gain practical experience of using popular ERP software during the learning process.

Pros of gotomyerp cloud platform for education industry users.

  • Advanced data security capabilities 
  • Automated data backups with copying to secondary data centers for extra safety 
  • Quick access recovery and data restoration 
  • High-performance dedicated servers with optimal settings
  • Timely infrastructure updates and software upgrades 
  • Personalized approach to each client’s needs 
  • A flexible payment model that can be customized for the client’s individual needs 
  • Expert consulting and cloud ERP implementation services