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Disaster Recovery

With gotomyerp, businesses are insured against losing data and applications in case of disruptions.

We approach backing up the data of our clients with meticulous redundancy to make sure you are fully protected and provided with reserve copies for every possible disaster recovery scenario that you may ever need. 

gotomyerp routinely creates multi-level backups of system components distributed across servers and data centers

We don’t just backup your data on a daily basis. We make separate reserve copies of the cloud environment as a whole and every server included in it. This allows us to provide easy recovery options covering any changes you may have made, including not only data but software updates, systems settings, business rules, etc.

gotomyerp got you covered with multiple methods of data backup

We allow clients to choose among multiple data backup methods depending on their needs and software applications they use.

ERP application backup

If you are using Quickbooks or one of the other software packages with native backup support, automatic backups of all data related to this app can be scheduled to run nightly or weekly, as an addition to other reserve copying procedures.

Full server backup 

Full server backup is used as a primary method, and is available to users of all apps, including ones that have no default support for native backups, such as Sage 100cloud. Full server backup process takes place nightly and requires a brief shutdown of the server to ensure data integrity during the backup.

gotomyerp provides long-lasting backup retention and secondary copying

We keep all full server backups for 14 days by default, but long-term backup retention is accessible to any client upon request. 

Each backup is copied to a secondary data center in a different geographical location for disaster recovery purposes and extra safety.

gotomyerp ensures rapid data restoration in every recovery scenario 

It isn’t rare for clients of other cloud hosting solutions to face major delays when they require large volumes of backed up data to be restored. The recovery process can take very long — days or weeks before you’ll be able to access the system again. We utilize the latest cloud technologies and server hardware solutions to provide clients with a quick automatic data restoration process in every possible scenario. Secondary copying of backups in different data centers allows us to cut the required time to minimum, completing data restoration within 24 hours or less, even for large data volume backups.