Blockchain Technology For Accounting
The Accountant’s Guide to Blockchain Technology
Blockchain Technology For Accounting

The Accountant’s Guide to Blockchain Technology

Published June 25, 2024

Blockchain technology has recently captured significant attention, especially with the rise of cryptocurrencies. While the financial ups and downs of crypto trading often dominate headlines, blockchain’s underlying technology is solidifying its presence and evolving rapidly. Though blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, its implications and potential applications extend far beyond digital currencies. Accountants, […]

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What Should Accountants Do About Artificial Intelligence

What Should Accountants Do About Artificial Intelligence?

Many consumers associate artificial intelligence (AI) with tools like ChatGPT. While ChatGPT and similar generative engines are examples of AI at work, there is much more to AI adoption than just these applications. Currently, people have yet to determine precisely how AI will affect our lives and careers in the near future, let alone over […]

Top Cloud Accounting Hosting Provider Guide To Cloud Accounting

The Modern Firm’s Guide to Cloud Accounting: What You Need to Know

The shift towards cloud accounting is a significant trend in the financial sector, with more clients expecting their accounting firms to embrace this technology. Not adapting to this expectation can lead to a loss of clientele and referrals. A recent survey by BILL highlights this trend, revealing that 64% of small and midsize business clients […]

Cyber Security Strategy WISP Security Plan

5 Steps for Creating a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) in Your Accounting Firm

Creating a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) is not just a regulatory requirement for accounting firms to renew their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN); it’s a crucial step in safeguarding sensitive client data against increasing cyber threats. A WISP serves as both a blueprint for your cybersecurity strategy and a commitment to maintaining the highest […]

quickbooks enterprise cloud hosting provider

QuickBooks Enterprise vs. Sage 50: Choosing the Right Cloud Accounting Software for Your Organization

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, choosing the right accounting software has become critical for financial officers and accounting managers. With numerous options available, two popular choices often considered are QuickBooks Enterprise and Sage 50 (formerly known as Peachtree). These cloud-based accounting solutions have distinctive features and capabilities that can significantly impact financial operations and […]

best sage cloud hosting service provider

Unleashing the Potential of Sage 50 Cloud Hosting

The advantages of having real-time access to your hosted Sage 50 are instantly realized. Those who utilize Sage 50 dedicated server hosting gain the capacity to access and modify their data concurrently with owners, management, and all teammates. No more emailing bulky files that need updating from Excel spreadsheets shortly afterward. No more clunky ways […]