best automotive cloud erp solutions


Cloud ERP solutions for the automotive industry

 Historically, the automotive industry has been one of the most vital to a healthy economy. The automotive industry is especially important for the United States and Canada, supporting more than 10 mln jobs and being a critical component of economic growth. Which is one of the reasons why companies in the automotive sector were among the first ones to realize the potential of automation, robotic machinery, and IoT devices.

Automotive businesses migrate to cloud ERP solutions

Reaping the benefits of smart machinery and robotic process automation to power manufacturing, many businesses in the automotive industry had a late and slow start with the modernization of their software solutions to equally boost both sales and service-related processes. 

Today, in the age of digital transformation, automotive companies are universally migrating to cloud-based software ERP tools as the new black in the enterprise ERP industry.

gotomyerp’s cloud-based platform allows automotive and car-related businesses of any size to manage financial operations in a secure, efficient, and high-performance environment.

Benefits of shifting to gotomyerp’s cloud ERP tools for automobile business.

Providing clients in the automotive industry with cloud-based accounting and finance instruments since 2005, we at gotomyerp have witnessed all the business benefits of adopting them first-hand. 

High accessibility and protection against digital disruption 

Adopting cloud-based accounting and financial management instruments makes these tools highly accessible at all organizational levels, which is a must for a business that strives to remain competitive in the modern post-COVID economy. Company employees from different departments can access cloud-based ERP tools, such as QuickBooks, Sage or SAP, remotely from any web-enabled device, desktop or mobile. Remote access to crucial ERP systems allows businesses to improve operational efficiency and protect themselves from digital disruption in case when employees can’t reach the office workstation.

Advanced and reliable data security

The security of financial data and protection against hacker attacks is an increasingly common concern for companies in the age of digitization. Migrating to cloud-based platforms allows automotive businesses to shift their cybersecurity concerns on the hosting provider’s shoulders. Reputable cloud hosting platforms incorporate a range of advanced security solutions, ensuring full-scale protection against cyber threats, regular data backups, and timely updates of their security software. 

Unlimited scalability with reduced costs 

Adopting cloud ERP systems also allows companies in the automotive industry to minimize costs by eliminating the need to implement and maintain on-premise hardware and software solutions. In addition to the reduction of expenses, businesses that are using cloud accounting and finance services get the access to virtually unlimited scalability of computing resources and reliable performance regardless of the data volumes and user load on applications.

What makes gotomyerp the cloud provider of choice for automotive industry businesses?

  • Bulletproof data security 
  • Automated data backups for every recovery scenario 
  • All apps are hosted on high-performance dedicated server instances
  • Responsive and helpful customer support and optimization services 
  • A flexible payment model that can be customized for the client’s individual needs