QuickBooks & Sage ERP Cloud Hosting For Restaurants

Restaurant and Hospitality

QuickBooks & Sage ERP cloud hosting solutions for restaurants and hospitality businesses

When it comes to EPP software, restaurants and other businesses working in the hospitality sector require highly accessible and user-friendly instruments even more than many others. Naturally, cloud-based tools satisfy their needs a lot better than on-premise solutions, providing centralized systems for all bookkeeping processes, from costs tracking to payroll management and financial reporting. 

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Using cloud-hosted accounting and finance services allows hospitality businesses to manage accounting, track costs, issue invoices and receive payments, as well as collecting and analyzing data in real-time to gain business insights. 

How restaurants and companies in the hospitality sector benefit from migrating to cloud ERPs

Considering that many hospitality industry businesses, especially in the food and beverage sector, have a very fluid nature, managing bookkeeping and financial affairs in the cloud makes a lot of sense. Some small business owners, such as caterers or street food vendors, often don’t have a physical office or other place for an on-premise accounting system to be stationed. 

Here are some of the most notable benefits of using cloud-based ERP services for restaurants and other hospitality businesses.

High availability and large number of tools on a single platform

Naturally, the remote access from virtually any internet-connected device with a web browser is one of the most crucial benefits. Prior to the “cloud computing era” that began in the early 2000s when the first public cloud software solutions and services started to emerge and gain mass popularity, bookkeeping and financial management was one of the biggest challenges for many businesses in hospitality. Cloud solutions make this business aspect much easier to manage. Modern cloud accounting services, such as QuickBooks and Sage, incorporate a large variety of components on a single platform, which is another major advantage. 

Integrated payments, billing and invoicing 

Built-in card payment modules, as well as software components that allow restaurants and hospitality business operators to issue bills and invoices, sending them to clients, is a feature of many cloud ERP solutions that delivers great value. Equipped with a modern cloud bookkeeping solution, such as QuickBooks available on gotomyerp platform, allows users to create all kinds of official business documents directly in the app, and collect payments without unnecessary delays. Additionally, advanced bookkeeping apps allow business owners to automate many billing and invoicing processes. 

Automated data collection, visualization and reporting 

Historically, one of the main reasons why restaurant and hospitality business gained a reputation of being difficult and risky, with high chances of going insolvent, were the accounting issues and difficulties with estimating costs and profits. Given a notoriously chaotic and demanding nature of operations in this industry, collecting and organizing all the receipts, bills and other documents has always been a challenging process. Cloud ERP solutions solve this problem to a significant degree by not just collecting and securely storing financial documents that are added to the system, but also providing the management with automatic reports and visualizations for analysis and insight extraction. 

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  • Advanced data security capabilities 
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