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Identity Access Management

gotomyerp protects you from identity-based attacks and data breaches with smart transparent access management controls 

With our cloud platform, you have full, undivided control over the business rules and access control policies in your software environment. You can customize user roles and identities, restrict authorization to certain action types, manage internal resources and maintain complete visibility in your cloud environment.

It’s easy to keep your eye on the ball with gotomyerp’s smart access management 

Grant authorization and impose security policies. 

With gotomyerp’s flexible identity access management techniques, you can centrally give authorization to access specific resources or take certain actions to individual users. 

Choose appropriate user roles out of a wide selection of options. 

Our platform provides a diverse range of user role options, not limiting you to the most basic and general Editor/Viewer identities.

Easily control all aspects of access management via consistent friendly UI.

Business leaders and administrators can manage access authorization and user identities though a single, easy to use control interface.

Individual client-specific recommendations on optimal access control settings.

gotomyerp’s experts are able to provide clients with recommendations on using the most appropriate identity management and access control settings. With high flexibility and a large number of options, we will recommend a default settings mode based on your requirements and expectations.

Built-in compliance certificates for simple alignment with industry regulations. 

For businesses that require their identity access management policies to comply with industry rules and policies, we offer certificates, verifying that our cloud infrastructure complies with financial reporting regulations and cloud infrastructure requirements for government agencies. We offer 3 types of SOC certificates of compliance with AICPA-approved practices and techniques for customer data security and protection against cyberthreats. As well as multiple authorized services that include built-in compliance with regulations for government entities of any level in the U.S. and Canada. 

Create enterprise cloud identities for single sign-on access to apps and folders. 

Built-in managed identity management capabilities allow you to easily synchronize user roles and access rights across different apps and resources in the cloud environment.