Sage & QuickBooks Cloud ERP Solutions For Waste Management

Waste Management

Cloud-based ERP solutions for waste management businesses

Waste management is an increasingly lucrative and in-demand business in modern times. It is, however, very difficult to operate, especially if you want it to be consistently profitable. Just establishing and organizing the processes of waste collection and disposal ends up challenging for most waste management businesses, almost without any exceptions. Frequently changing regulations and waste management requirements, issued by government agencies and commissions on different levels, can make this business even harder to maintain.

gotomyerp provides cloud bookkeeping & erp solutions with compliance and security your waste management business needs

The need to follow strict and uncertain regulations can be a big headache for waste management businesses when it comes to accounting and finances. Adopting cloud-based ERP software makes it significantly easier for companies in this industry to manage all types of documents and information required in their operations, while also complying with laws and maintaining profitability.

How waste management businesses benefit from migrating to cloud accounting 

Considering how difficult it is to balance the operational, financial and compliance in waste management, using ERP solutions powered by a reputable cloud provider can be absolutely indispensable for a business in this industry.

And here are a few reasons why.

Data security and built-in compliance 

The need to maintain up-to-date cybersecurity infrastructure and follow multiple requirements and procedures in order to comply with data protection rules is a major load. For waste management businesses especially as they typically have to carry multiple other burdens to enable a productive streamline waste collection and disposal process. Using cloud-based accounting and finance systems allows companies in this field to pass this load on the hosting provider’s shoulders. This way, they can focus on core business operations, knowing that their data is reliably protected.

Remote cross-platform access to billing and payment processing

Billing and payment approval modules that are part of popular cloud bookkeeping solutions, such as QuickBooks and Sage, can be a great advantage for businesses in waste management. With remote access to the cloud app from anywhere, company officers are able to issue invoices, bills, contracts and receipts anywhere, instantly sending them to clients. Payment processing modules also allow users to receive payments of the issued bills, approving them on the spot, while the information about all transactions is automatically added to the system. 

Centralized monitoring, automated reports and analytics 

Business managers and shareholders benefit from utilizing cloud-based ERP solutions as it provides them with centralized control and around the clock monitoring of all financial activities. They are able to set the system for automated tracking of crucial indicators, receiving automated reports and well-visualized data analytics to extract business insights from. 

What makes gotomyerp a leading cloud ERP solution?

  • Advanced data security capabilities 
  • Automated data backups with copying to secondary data centers for extra safety 
  • Quick access recovery and data restoration 
  • High-performance dedicated servers with optimal settings
  • Timely infrastructure updates and software upgrades 
  • Personalized approach to each client’s needs 
  • A flexible payment model that can be customized for the client’s individual needs 
  • Expert consulting and cloud ERP implementation services