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Private Equity & Venture Capital

Cloud-based ERP solutions for the private equity industry

The private equity industry is an example of a field where businesses are seemingly expected to process a growing number of tasks with ever-increasing productivity, while continuously minimizing the number of human employees. In this age of digital transformation, private equity firms and venture capital funds have to combine a variety of business activities in order to deliver steady growth of investment portfolios and reliable profitability.

Manage your investment portfolio and accounting processes with gotomyerp’s cloud-based ERP services 

Cloud-hosted ERP solutions provide private equity firms with a centralized, integrated platform for all their accounting and financial management needs, allowing them to streamline bookkeeping tasks, automate redundant workflows, and establish continuous monitoring of investment portfolio entities with real-time data collection and analysis. 

How the private equity industry benefits from cloud bookkeeping solutions

Compared to traditional ERP software deployed on-premise, cloud solutions have an impressive selection of strengths that make them an increasingly undeniable first choice for private equity businesses in the age of digitization and universal cross-platform availability. 

Here are some of the most notable advantages of the cloud bookkeeping adoption by private equity and venture funds. 

Centralized management of diverse investment portfolio entities 

With widely accessible cloud infrastructure and support for integration of third-party services and technologies, private equity institutions can maintain a centralized management for a large number of diverse businesses that are part of their investment portfolio. Even if each entity is using a different ERP solution for in-house purposes, cloud-hosted accounting and financial management systems, such as QuickBooks or Sage, makes it easy to integrate third-party solutions, enabling automatic data exchange and monitoring of key financial indicators. 

Highly accessible yet securely protected internal IT infrastructure 

The ability to access the cloud bookkeeping solution on any platform and device gives private equity institutions the mobility, crucially important in this turbulent economy. Business managers and employees in various positions can simultaneously use the system and collaborate with each other without the need to leave the platform. The data transmissions are always encrypted to ensure your private financial information is protected against unauthorized access and accidental leaks.

Automatic tracking of all financial data and real-time analytics 

Using a cloud platform with universal support of integration with third-party systems and services provides private equity firms and venture funds with an ability to automate multiple redundant workflows in the payment processing operations and establish a continuous tracking of financial data received from a variety of sources. These capabilities of cloud platforms give organizations of any size affordable access to automatic reporting and tracking of key performance indicators, with easy integration of real-time analysis and generation of business insights.

What makes gotomyerp a leading cloud-based ERP platform?

  • Advanced data security capabilities 
  • Automated data backups with copying to secondary data centers for extra safety 
  • Quick access recovery and data restoration 
  • High-performance dedicated servers with optimal settings
  • Timely infrastructure updates and software upgrades 
  • Personalized approach to each client’s needs 
  • A flexible payment model that can be customized for the client’s individual needs 
  • Expert consulting and cloud ERP implementation services