What Can Spoil Your QuickBooks Hosting Experience?

Published January 5, 2023
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Cloud hosting has transformed enterprise IT in many ways, specifically the area of software installation and usage, which has been impacted the most by it compared to all other areas of IT management and administration. Today, thanks to the cloud, organizations can deploy and manage software systems at reduced costs and provide their employee’s easy access to the applications independent of their geographical location. QuickBooks, an industry-leading software in the accounting segment, offers a tremendous boost to small and mid-size businesses in their accounting capabilities with cloud-based hosting.

Hosted QuickBooks, or QuickBooks Hosting, is a solution where organizations can host their licensed copies of the QuickBooks software on the cloud. The solution, unarguably, has many benefits to offer to businesses. However, when using it, one must be wary of their practices, for in case they go wrong with them, their QuickBooks Hosting experience can be compromised, and they may not be able to get the most from it. What practices can spoil your QuickBooks Hosting experience?

Using the Wrong Version of the Software

QuickBooks Cloud comes in four different versions: Pro, Premier, Enterprise, POS, or Accountant. Each version has its own strengths and features. It’s highly imperative to choose a QuickBooks version that best meets your business needs and requirements. Using the wrong version can limit the benefits of the software for your business.

Partnering With a Substandard Host

A QuickBooks Hosting company plays an integral role in ensuring a good QuickBooks Hosting experience for the user. From service reliability to customer support to scalability, it must handle everything appropriately and to the satisfaction of the client. Partnering with a substandard host can negatively affect your QuickBooks Hosting experience and render the solution inefficient for your business. To avoid such a situation, our advice would be that you work with a hosting company that’s authorized by Intuit. These companies have the required resources, experience, and expertise to serve you in the best possible way.

Letting the Users Run Riot

QuickBooks Hosting allows your employees to access the software remotely and work on the same files with ultimate convenience. This benefit, however, can sometimes turn into a drawback if you aren’t careful when managing the user permissions, causing workflow disorder and confusion. Use your administrative rights in the hosted QuickBooks environment to add and remove the users. Regulate and control the scope of their access to keep things running smoothly. While there are many other practices that can ruin your QuickBooks Hosting experience, the ones discussed above possess the highest potential to do so. Make sure you avoid them.

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