QuickBooks for Beginners: How QuickBooks Hosting Works

Published January 4, 2023
quickbooks hosting accounting software

QuickBooks dominates the accounting software market with a market share of 60.29%. No software comes close to its popularity. What makes QuickBooks the favorite child of the accounting industry? There are many things. First and foremost, QuickBooks simplifies accounting operations for businesses like no other software. It comes with many useful features and functions that make tracking of financial transactions and tax filing a breeze. Second, it is easy to use. Even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of accounting, you can still use the software without any problems. Third, and perhaps the biggest reason that enables QuickBooks to stand like a true giant in the face of its competitors, is its ability to keep up with futuristic innovations. Intuit knows how to keep this little bunny shiny and new.

Among the recent developments with QuickBooks, cloud adaptability deserves a strong mention. Cloud computing has taken the business world by storm. Today, most things businesses do they do on the cloud. So, accounting on the cloud made for a very obvious move, and it was—of course—QuickBooks that led the charge. It first did it with QuickBooks Hosting and recently with QuickBooks Online. The latter is slowly gaining traction with businesses worldwide, while the former is already an established solution.

What is QuickBooks Hosting, actually? It’s nothing but the desktop version of the QuickBooks software installed on the cloud. How does it work? Well, Intuit runs this authorized-hosting program, where it authorizes certain service providers to install the QuickBooks software on their servers. These service providers then give access to users to use the software in exchange for a small fee. Depending on the service provider, users can have any version of the QuickBooks hosted on the cloud – Pro, Premier, Enterprise, POS, or Accountant. The option also allows users to bring their existing QuickBooks license to an authorized host and have it moved to the cloud.

The Intuit QuickBooks hosting program categorizes providers into two categories:

  • Standard hosts
  • Commercial hosts

Standard hosts don’t have the privilege to lease licensed copies of the software to users. That means they only facilitate users who want to have their existing QuickBooks license move to the cloud. Commercial hosts, on the other hand, have the privilege to lease QuickBooks licenses to users. So, they can accommodate both new as well as old QuickBooks users. The security and the maintenance of the servers fall to QuickBooks hosting service providers, who must also perform any software updates or upgrades that may get released. With so many features and conveniences to offer, it’s little wonder why QuickBooks Hosting has become such a popular solution for businesses around the world.

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