QuickBooks Hosting—Don’t Compromise on Speed or Security!

Published January 6, 2023
reliable quickbooks hosting vendor

QuickBooks Hosting refers to the installation of the QuickBooks software (desktop version) on the cloud. The deployment provides an affordable and convenient solution for businesses to use QuickBooks for their operations. QuickBooks Hosting service is offered by Intuit-authorized service providers located all around the world. For those interested in using QuickBooks Hosting, choosing a reliable hosting company forms the most important step of the process. And while there are many things that they must consider when evaluating the profile of a prospective service provider, speed and security should lie at the top of their list.

Why Speed and Security Matters

QuickBooks Hosting takes the QuickBooks software and data to the cloud. As such, if your QuickBooks files are being hosted on slow servers, it can push your accounting work down and cost you time, effort, and money. You don’t want this to happen to you, right? Similarly, if the servers on which your QuickBooks files are being hosted are not safe, your company data can be breached, and you can end up losing mission-critical information to hackers. This can be a deadly scenario for your business, the aftermath of which can be ugly. The message here is quite clear; when choosing a QuickBooks Hosting company, never compromise on speed or security. Make sure that the company you’re opting for provides fast, reliable, and secured hosting services.

Below are some questions that you might want to ask prospective vendors when interviewing them to get an idea about the speed and security aspect of their services:

  • What are the technologies used in your servers and data centers?
  • Where are your servers located?
  • What service uptime would you commit to?
  • What security protocols have you implemented to secure the data stored on your servers?
  • How often do you test-run your server security infrastructure?
  • How often do you perform data backups?
  • Do you have a business continuity and recovery plan in place for a potential IT disaster?

Take your time when evaluating the companies. Ask for referrals if possible. Make an informed decision. Here, at gotomyerp, we offer top-quality secure Quickbooks hosting services. Our hosted desktop and application environments are powered by Amazon EC2, which makes our services fast, reliable, and secure. Interested in partnering with us? Let’s talk.