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Published April 22, 2021
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Intuit’s QuickBooks is undeniably an efficient and all-encompassing accounting software tool available in the market. Nearly five million small to large enterprises are actively using this robust automated tool to optimize and boost their business performance.

With cutting-edge UI and UX features, integration options, an employee portal, user-friendliness, an easy-to-navigate layout, and rich accounting features, QuickBooks makes accounting procedures as easy as ABC. Moreover, with 360-degree secure online banking and employee management features, QuickBooks stands out among other software tools.

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However, many SMEs are often under the impression that deploying QuickBooks is all they have to do. There are several ways to speed up QuickBooks implementation and usage to make the most of this efficient, unmatchable accounting tool.

In fact, even if you’re extremely proficient at QuickBooks, you might be missing out on some really helpful QuickBooks tips and tricks that can take your experience to the next level.

Let’s take a look at these tricks coming directly from the expert QuickBooks hosting service providers at gotomyerp.

1. Don’t Miss Out on ProAdvisor

This one’s a top tip for SME owners getting started with QuickBooks: don’t skip out on using the ProAdvisor. It is a robust part of Intuit’s QuickBooks package that helps business owners connect to local accountants and finance experts who help you in running the software.

Expert technicians and the support team at gotomyerp offer 24×7 assistance and a 30-day free QuickBooks trial offer. But using ProAdvisor can help you with critical business decisions pertaining to tax planning, cash flow budgeting, payroll invoicing, and much more!

2. Invest Time in Learning the Basics

Just like any other software, QuickBooks accounting software also has a learning curve. Apart from seeking assistance from Intuit’s “Getting Started” tutorials, look around for learning resources that give a hands-on experience with the software.

For the latest and most valuable information on QuickBooks software, refer to our blog section. Invest time and effort in learning how the software works, what its features are, and how it can help you target your business’s shortcomings.

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3. Don’t Compromise on Data Security

Although QuickBooks comes with a holistic suite of security digital certificates, RSA and SSL credentials, and many other security layers, it’s important to ensure data safety by choosing strong passwords. QuickBooks offers access controls, but you must protect your company’s financial information with strong passwords that also apply to QuickBooks x Online banking integrations.

Moreover, don’t forget to renew the password after every six months. To change your QuickBooks password, go to the Accounts tab and select Change Password.

4. Enter Accurate Company Information

From business structure, hierarchy model, cost-benefit plans, and calendar to Tax ID, accounting chart, and registration information, enter every detail about your company accurately into the QuickBooks software. Avoid glitches down the line by guaranteeing that all your facts are entered appropriately into the software’s Company Tab.

Entering the precise details and verifying what’s in the system will help provide close projection results from QuickBooks.

5. Cross-Check Employee Particulars

If you wish to use the QuickBooks Employee Management portal, don’t overlook the importance of entering correct employee information. The software’s payroll feature enables you to virtually reimburse salaries and benefits and carry out deductions and tax payments. Therefore, it’s crucial to guarantee that every employee’s bank details are entered correctly to avoid any financial loss.

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6. Reconciliation on QuickBooks Accounting Software

QuickBooks offers a continuous reconciliation option to users, but many business owners often forget to take advantage of this beneficial feature. Regularly reconciling your business accounts keeps you atop of business costs and expenses and gives a clear-cut picture of all the day-to-day transactions.

You can also use this feature to compare projected and actual numbers and to recheck tax statements.

7. Data Backups on QuickBooks

You can secure your business’s financial data on the cloud using QuickBooks. Stats show that data theft and breaches have increased by 75% amidst the pandemic.

With sharply rising data security risks, you must do all you can in order to keep your material safe and accessible. You can back up the entire QuickBooks software data onto the cloud on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

This way, you won’t have to worry about losing critical financial data in case the software crashes, PCs malfunction, or an unforeseen incident occurs that’s beyond your control.

8. Print Checks VIA QuickBooks

Did you know that you can print checks directly using the QuickBooks accounting tool? Make your periodic reconciliations and statement reporting easier and more convenient using QuickBooks. To get started, go to the Banking tab, select Write Checks, and voila, it’s ready to print.

This feature makes QuickBooks a significant contributor to promoting environment-friendly business models. It reduces the cost of outsourcing material and paying an extra fee for checks to your financial institution.

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9. Paying Bills Using QuickBooks Accounting Software

SME owners don’t have enough time to juggle between crucial business tasks and overhead procedures. Doing so leads to inefficiency, unproductivity, and enormous pressure. Thanks to QuickBooks, you can now pay utility bills at your fingertips. The Online Bill Payment option eliminated the need for manual bill payment or subsiding the time-consuming e-bills procedure.

Paying bills via QuickBooks also helps you during annual reporting when you have to reconcile account payables and receivables.

Hire the Best QuickBooks Hosting Provider for Your Business Today

Using an automated bookkeeping software tool like QuickBooks isn’t just cost-effective, but it also improves your small business’s overall output and turnover.

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