Sage 300 CRE Latest Features You Need to Know About

Published April 27, 2021
sage 300 cre latest features small medium businesses

Technology is advancing and evolving every single day. Numerous aspiring and successful business owners are discovering and exploring new tools and techniques to initiate, plan, run, and boost a business. With tech evolving dramatically, various industries have completely transformed, especially the construction and real estate (CRE) industry.

CRE business players are now more interested than ever in availing the services of an efficient Sage hosting service provider to reap the benefits of the digital age. They’re looking to stand out from the crowd by leveraging high-tech tools and techs for decision-making, data analysis, scheduling, project control, and management.

Realcomm estimated that at least five hundred new CRE firms had made it into their advanced and transformed stage in the last five years. New entrants are particularly focusing on developing and delivering high-value, digital, and competitive workplace scenarios. They’re striving hard and fast to operate across cities, states, and even the globe.

All of this is possible thanks to cutting-edge CRE software known as Sage 300 CRE. By harnessing this software tool; businesses are increasingly repositioning their core mission and vision. They’ve become more visible in the competitive market and have embraced flexibility and agility to a greater extent within and outside organizations. Research indicates that software tools like Sage CRE will account for a staggering CAGR growth of over 6% by the end of this year.

Choosing Sage 300 CRE for Your Business

When it comes to deploying an efficient yet affordable software solution for your CRE business, nothing can beat the Sage 300 CRE. Although many versions exist, such as Sage 50 and Sage 100, the 300 CRE version is a cut above the rest.

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It’s an all-encompassing solution for your construction or real estate business needs. With rich features, user-friendliness, impeccable speed, and robust analytics, Sage 300 CRE has the ability to transform your business experience entirely.

Let’s look at the main benefits and features of Sage 300 CRE’s latest version that makes it the right tool for automating your construction and real estate biz:

1. Executive Dashboard: The Highlight

CRE businesses have to be on top of their finances. Everything used to plan, organize, control, and carry out a construction project requires diligent reporting.

These include payment management, vendor management, job tracking & costing, estimations, etc. And focusing on one task more than the other can lead to an imbalance and disparity in the workflow system.

Therefore, it’s imperative to have a smooth, seamless, and efficient information system that can handle and transmit data without errors or disparities. The Sage 300 CRE offers a modular scheme that ensures integrated information flow for your business. It also enables you to avoid any roadblocks or inefficiencies during data management, costing, projections, and other key CRE business functions.

Using the Sage 300 CRE, you can conveniently manage, control, transfer, or share information across different departments in your CRE organization. From a customizable screen and reporting dashboard to toolbars and modifiable data fields, Sage 300 CRE offers everything to make your work time cost-effective.

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You can sync data and control access to critical information by leveraging the Executive Dashboard feature. The software offers valuable recommendations for efficient and accurate decision-making based on your company’s financials and other insights.

2. Payment and Client Handling

Another critical part of any construction or real estate business is finance and accounting. Finance is the backbone of your business and is extremely important to make sound decisions when it comes to utilizing, allocating, and optimizing financial resources.

The cutting-edge Sage 300 CRE software helps you boost financial performance by handling automatic and scheduled payments, general ledger, job costs, and invoices. It enables you to track transactions, reconcile statements, and help your business grow with a strong, positive cash flow.

Using the Sage 300 CRE, you can also manage client, customer, and vendor data without any errors. With scheduled reminders and prompt data entry management, Sage eliminates data duplication.

3. Job-Cost

The Sage 300 CRE’s Job Cost module allows CRE business owners to forecast, plan, and identify job resources proactively. You can do everything from RFIs, potential risks, work status, time management, and resource allocation using this robust software tool.

This allows you to have comprehensive control over your business developments along with the improved operation of your monetary possessions. It also defends you from potential charge overruns and maintains your firm’s financial well-being.

4. Consolidation

Maintaining and managing a significant amount of data and heaps of information is one of the biggest challenges of running a construction and real estate business. Keeping track of costs to handle multiple projects simultaneously requires extensive time, effort, and financial resources. Sage 300 CRE can help you track, control, and manage projects by offering quality insights, suggestions, and high-performance data consolidation features.

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It allows you to monitor your company’s performance while ensuring the monies are utilized efficiently. This automatically translates into better understanding and decision-making tasks because you become aware of each project’s potential opportunities and pitfalls. Sage 300 CRE can integrate and import data from Microsoft Office for free, real-time, less time-consuming data communication across the board.

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