Signs Your Business is In Need of Pivoting

Published October 19, 2021
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Many businesses start well but then begin to decline for different reasons. When you realize your business isn’t performing well in the market, it might be time to consider pivoting. This blog post will discuss signs that it might be time to pivot your business.

Why Do Businesses Need Pivoting?  

When your company or business starts having troubles, it’s important to determine the root cause of the problems that you’re facing. You might want to look at how you’re marketing yourself as opposed to content or product quality. You also might want to consider adopting new technology or strategies that keep things fresh and interesting instead of sticking with what works from the past. 

If you find that your business is stagnant and hasn’t been able to adapt to changing circumstances, it might be time to take some steps back and reconsider your business model. That’s where pivoting comes into the picture. Pivoting is when you stop doing what you currently do and switch to a new business model altogether. It is an excellent way to stay ahead of trends and one step ahead of possible competition. There are several reasons to pivot your business, the primary one being that it helps you avoid failure. If you want to ensure that your business has a chance at success, then changing directions can help you return to the business. Here are some signs you should watch out for.  

Stagnant Sales  

The most common sign is that your sales have stagnated or fallen off for the last six months. When you’re not raising money, it’s a good sign your business needs to pivot. 

No New Clients  

If you feel you are running into a brick wall getting new customers, it’s probably time to pivot. The more challenging your business is to sell, the more likely you will need to pivot. 

Old Clients Leaving  

Sometimes, you can’t keep the customers you’ve got. If you’re losing out on sales and have lost a large percentage of your revenue, it’s time to think about pivoting. 

You Have Trouble Understanding the Market 

If you don’t understand the market or why your product or service doesn’t work anymore, it’s probably better to change direction. If you’re confused about what your customers want, it’s probably not a smart idea to stick with the plan you have right now. Instead, consider pivoting and changing the direction of your business.  

You Aren’t Happy With Your Business  

Are you not happy with your product or service? If you don’t like what you’re doing, chances are that’s because you’re not doing it right and need to try something different. That’s also a sign that you need pivoting.  

You Don’t Have Revenue  

Most businesses fail because they can’t get the capital they need to grow. You need to pivot when this happens if you want to be successful in the long run. Sticking with the old model otherwise can lead to failure.  

You’re Behind Your Competitors  

If your margins are lower than everyone else in the same market, it’s a major sign that you must pivot.  

You Are Not Sure About the Needs or Expectations of Customers  

Sometimes, you might not be sure what your customers want. If you’re confused about why your sales are dropping and what your customers need, it’s probably time to reevaluate why your business exists and consider pivoting.

You Lack Resources  

Sometimes, you may know what you need to do but don’t have the skills or resources to execute those needs. In such a situation, it’s better to shift to something you’re capable of instead of wasting time experimenting with insufficient resources. Pivoting your business plan can help you put those resources to use better.

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