New QuickBooks Desktop Features for Enhanced Efficiency

Published March 2, 2021
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Accounting management, inventory control, and payroll are critical and vital aspects of any business. And with digital transformation’s interference in almost every industry, many specialized and generic accounting tasks can be performed quickly and digitally.

Business owners always ensure that their accounting and finance departments receive the utmost precedence over others. It helps them sustain their business and streamline integration across the board. With fast-approaching automation, they’re hunting ways to gain an impeccable edge over the competition.

And this is where Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software steps in. Available in various versions, this accounting software is replete with several robust and cutting-edge features. What’s more, the company has already rolled out QuickBooks 2021 version, making business owners more impressed than ever!

Continue reading this article and learn all about new features added in QuickBooks 2021 version and how they can impact your business’s efficiency and profitability.

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Updated Features

QuickBooks 2021 is a work of art! It seamlessly integrates old and new features and helps employees work with enhanced efficiency and Productivity.

What’s more, the updated version also addresses and responds to “The New Normal” realities. Intuit has reported that QuickBooks Desktop 2021 will continue to work with unmatched efficiency via the cloud and remote solutions.

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This will help remote workers stay at the top of their accounting game while they work from home.

Here’s what’s incorporated in the QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) 2021 release. Now you can save operational time and keep better track of your business finances. These features apply to QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier and Premier Plus, and QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Pro Plus.

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1. Automated Send Statements

QBTD 2021 allows you to schedule and make statements for your merchants and customers and remind them of due payments. The system will send auto-reminders at the pre-set schedule.

2. Customized Payment Invoices

Every business has its key features, USPs, and particularities. And business owners want to incorporate design into their invoices, receipts, estimates, and purchase orders. The QBDT 2021 update allows you to customize your business statements and invoices as you like.

You can add your logo, tagline, contact information, and format font styles and colors using the familiar layout designer tool.

3. Customer Grouping

Marketing and sales—the two core functions of any business—require accurate targeting. With the all-new, updated version of QuickBooks desktop, you can add location, type, and status to your customers’ data. This enables you to create and send automated receipts, reminders, and mailing lists.

4. Receipt Management

Create and categorize receipts with QBDT 2021 update. You have to install the QuickBooks desktop mobile app, capture a photo of the receipt, upload, and review it. Keeping track of business receipts and attaching them to transactions is a perfect way to ensure an efficient audit process.

It will also allow you to assemble, categorize, review, and manage transactions and invoices.

5. Bank Feeds

Keeping track and trail of bank transactions can be challenging, especially when you have several payments inflowing and outflowing happening at the same time. Use the latest version of QuickBooks and gain flexibility and efficiency by categorizing bank transactions.

The version features batch editing and matching options with enhanced rules and security.

6. PDF Invoicing and Attachment Review

Automatically screen, preview, and analyze payment invoices, order receipts, and attachments via Send Invoice view in QuickBooks. It’s no longer imperative to confirm your email content to access each PDF attachment outside of QBDT.

7. Payroll Liability Reminders

Stay at the top of business payroll processing and scheduling operations with QuickBooks. It helps you create reminders and schedules to pay your employees on time using the calendar app.

8. Faster Employee Payroll Setup

Using the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 version, you can complete the historical payroll process more efficiently.

9. Auto-Matching Payments

Allow your suppliers and merchants to match payment records with complete confidence and data security. Their information will be automatically recorded in invoices.

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