A Complete Rundown of Our Tax Software Solutions

Published March 4, 2021
tax preparation software solutions

Do you still plan and prepare for tax returns the old-fashioned way? Are you unable to hire tax professionals to complete the tasks for your SMB? If yes, then it’s time to invest in a cutting-edge, proficient, and seamless tax software solution.

Hiring tax and accounting professionals, gathering and analyzing heaps of documentation and paperwork, and spending critical biz hours in tax planning can be arduous. It consumes a lot of time, money, and effort. Plus, paying professional tax geeks isn’t something small and medium-sized businesses are able to support in their first few years. So if you want to reduce your business costs and save time spent on tax analyses and reporting, our automated cloud-hosted tax software is here to help.

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Switching to tax preparation software can be a brilliant idea for your business as it eliminates the risk of missing deadlines and wasting money paying penalties. Taxation software executes the tax acquiescence liabilities on behalf of businesses/individuals. It can also assist you in filing tax returns. Instead of depending on cumbersome tax filing methods, you can shift to a reputable taxation software available at gotomyerp.

In this blog, we’ll discuss our tax software offering and help you understand their applications and benefits.

1. ProSystem fx Tax Software

ProSystem fx software is a robust tax software that can you prepare your business for continued growth. It offers fast and efficient tax filing solutions that allow your team to collaborate while working on the cloud.

2. ATX Tax Software

ATX Tax software allows you to file advanced tax returns with accurate financial data and analyses. It’s one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use tax software for small business owners and CPA firms.

ATX is ideal for individual tax preparations and small firms alike. Its features are supported by the industry’s largest library, with over 6000 tax compliance forms. The user-friendly design of ATX allows users to easily retrieve, report, and store financial information even if they’re not aware of the taxing procedure.

Moreover, the software also offers additional integration that allows you to share files and reports with clients, employees, and taxing authorities virtually.

3. Lacerte Tax Software

Lacerte Tax is a compelling tax organizing application by Intuit. It meets the requirements of singular taxpayers & business patrons for a unified tax filing course. Lacerte offers modified packages as per the specific needs of users.

Different types of Lacerte tax software include 200 Federal 1040, Unlimited Modules, and REP. This robust software provides over 5,700 tax forms that help all kinds of businesses operating in diverse industries. The tool also allows the user to migrate and import tax data to-and-from Excel and CSV files that can also be downloaded directly from its financial organization.

4. ProSeries Tax Software

Undeniable market leader and one of the most efficient tax software, the ProSeries tax software is a product of Intuit. gotomyerp offers complete and seamless cloud hosting services for ProSeries tax software that can be tailored to the client’s requirements. The best part is this software can be combined and made compatible with the current systems that already run on Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software.

The built-in e-filing capabilities and user-friendly interface of the ProSeries make it extremely beneficial for small businesses. It enables the user to quickly and conveniently enter data, compute taxes, and analyze reports without spending hours of critical business hours. This software has many more advantageous features, such as:

  • Provides a complete set of forms and agendas for data inputs
  • Offers high amalgamation with QuickBooks
  • Permits direct scanning of W-2 and 1099 customer data
  • Allows detailed analysis of tax data

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5. Drake Tax Software

Drake Tax is a dependable and user-friendly software application for tax preparers and specialists who work in small and medium-sized businesses. It outcasts various other tax software due to its customizable reporting, in-depth analyses, and impeccable tax computation features.

Apart from impeccable tax preparation, it also includes a module that offers a complete view of the condition and efficacy of the business. Its other distinctive features consist of the following:

  • Discrete or joint tax filing
  • Overall inspection support
  • Finest savings and loan calculator
  • An easy and well-organized course of filing returns
  • E-file taxes

All-in-all, our tax software solutions can take your business to new heights of success and growth. By helping you save money and time and mitigate the risks of inaccurate tax filing practices, these software applications can augment the position of your biz in the industry.

Deploy High-End Tax Prep Software with Seamless Cloud Hosting Services

The main advantage of using gotomyerp’s cloud hosting services for tax preparation is the accessibility to a broad range of accounting reports. Using one of our proficiently hosted, secure, and fully-integrated tax software, you can:

  • Modify reports according to business requirements
  • Review, regulate, and transfer client records
  • Expand, contract groups, and add records for future reference
  • Shift between different currencies
  • Change methods from accumulation to cash bookkeeping or vice versa
  • Classify, map, and allocate tax systems to pertinent clients
  • Review all past tax reports and audits on one screen while prepping for the current year and much more!

For more details on our cloud hosting services or to avail of our 30-day free QuickBooks trial offer, call us at (877) 888-5525 today!