What are the Differences between In-house and Third-Party QuickBooks Hosting Provider

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QuickBooks is a business accounting software application developed and distributed by Intuit Inc. It provides small businesses with financial management and accounting tools to help manage their finances efficiently. It helps business owners keep track of financial records in a better way through features like bills and payments, inventory management, bank reconciliation, etc. The choice between in-house QuickBooks hosting and third-party QuickBooks hosting is not always easy. 

What Is Cloud Computing? 

Cloud computing is a term that refers to accessing computing resources, applications, and data that are hosted or delivered over the internet. Cloud computing has become an attractive option for many businesses because it reduces expenses while increasing productivity through the use of virtualization technology. This form of internet-based computing in which data and services are hosted online instead of on company equipment provides a business with an unlimited amount of resources for a monthly fee while avoiding large upfront costs. 


The most important factor in choosing the right QuickBooks host is not price, but rather how smoothly your accounting software will run on their hardware and network infrastructure. In-house hosting means that a large number of expensive workstations and servers will be required.  

Third-party QuickBooks hosting eliminates the need for investing in expensive servers and networking equipment, etc. It is a great way to save money on software and hardware. It also helps reduce the expenditure on maintenance.QuickBooks hosting on third-party servers is being used by many industries including healthcare, construction, media, banking, and accounting firms. 

Helps to Scale and Save on Energy 

The move to cloud computing has made it easier for businesses to reduce their technology costs and scale up or down as needed. This is a huge business advantage in the current economy which makes the third-party hosted QuickBooks the more attractive option for most businesses. This will also result in minimizing energy costs as there will not be any computer servers and its related air conditioning cost to maintain the server rooms. 

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Increased Collaboration  

With the increased use of cloud computing, the need for collaboration has become increasingly important. Cloud computing allows users to save their files to an online storage space that is accessible from computers and mobile devices. This means that a user can access a file from any location at any time. Collaboration in the cloud requires a secure environment for sharing documents among teams and individuals to ensure everyone has access to updated versions of these documents. This is why having a reliable third-party QuickBooks host is important. Cloud computing has helped organizations boost the productivity of their employees by letting them work from anywhere and at any time. Increased productivity due to cloud computing leads to more revenue and profits. 

24-7 Support 

With in-house hosting, one needs to set up a dedicated team to take care of everything. Usually, companies can’t afford to have a 24-7 maintenance team. The shift to cloud computing is bringing with it a shift in the way technical support is provided. Many companies are opting to use an outsourced, third-party service for their support needs. Instead of dedicating internal resources to providing customer support, they simply hire dedicated staff that specializes in troubleshooting which allows for queries to be solved faster and your business operations run smoother. 

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Get Reliable QuickBooks Hosting 

QuickBooks Desktop hosting on cloud services can allow you to focus on growing your business by providing you with the tools you need to thrive. Take the stress of hosting your QuickBooks yourself. If you’re looking for a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider that can boost your profits and keep your data safe, then contact us now. 

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