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A Guide To Successful ERP Implementation

Choosing the right ERP system for your organization is a major decision and requires considerable thought and planning. The process requires significant investment because companies want to make sure that every step of the implementation process—from choosing your vendor to the post-execution analysis—is flawless. No two ERP software implementations are identical. The size, structural, and […]

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6 Benefits of ERP Systems That Are Often Overlooked

None of the comforts and conveniences of modern life that we take for granted would be possible without a little something known as software. That’s right, simple lines of code revolutionized technology in a way unlike any other major development and changed the world in the process. Software surrounds us; it’s become indispensable, and we’re all the […]

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What Is Cloud Uptime, And How Do You Get The Best for Your Business?

Making the switch to a cloud-based accounting solution from a desktop variant is one of the smartest business decisions you could make. Desktop accounting software does give you access to all the functionality you need, but a cloud-hosted solution can deliver so much more. For example, QuickBooks Hosting gives your employees access to all their […]

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Different Versions of QuickBooks Explained

American software giant, Intuit, caused waves in the business world when they introduced their ground-breaking “QuickBooks” software a couple of decades ago. The powerful and easy-to-use accounting software has been a revelation for enterprises, especially SMEs, helping them improve their financial processes and enhance overall efficiency and productivity. Being used by more than 29 million SMEs (80% […]

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ERP Trends That Are Set To Dominate 2019

As we bid farewell to 2018 and move into 2019, it’s time to reflect and look forward to what the upcoming year holds for us when it comes to business process automation. With new innovative technologies and trends emerging every year, it’s no surprise that the ERP landscape is going through a radical transformation. While […]

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Why Use ERP?

You may be wondering why you would use ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software. The reasons companies invest in this technology vary, but reporting, productivity enhancements, and cost reduction are typically the main factors. An ERP system is an integrated system that can manage both internal and external resources in a business and enables interactions […]