Enhancing Your gotomyerp Experience: Seamless Printing Solutions with TSPrint

Published April 25, 2024
seamless remote printing solutions with TSPrint

In today’s digital age, managing printing tasks can be challenging, especially for businesses utilizing cloud-based services for their accounting software. At gotomyerp, we understand the hurdles our clients face when trying to print directly from cloud-hosted applications like Sage 100 and QuickBooks. Traditional print redirection methods through Terminal Services have often been frustrating due to printer driver compatibility issues and redirection failures. To alleviate these headaches and streamline the printing process for our clients, we’ve integrated TSPrint, a cutting-edge printing solution, into our services.

Why TSPrint?

TSPrint simplifies the printing process for cloud-hosted applications by offering a seamless and reliable experience. This advanced solution eliminates the need to install printer drivers on the terminal server, addressing a common source of printing errors and connection issues. TSPrint offers several key benefits:

  1. Universal Compatibility: TSPrint supports a wide range of printers, including non-standard printing options like checks, labels, and custom paper sizes, making it ideal for diverse business needs.
  2. Cross-Platform Support: Printing without specialized software can be challenging for our clients using Mac OS. TSPrint offers robust support for Mac OS, ensuring smooth printing from any device, regardless of platform.
  3. Speed and Efficiency: TSPrint’s streamlined approach to print redirection reduces the time spent troubleshooting and dealing with driver errors. This translates to improved efficiency and productivity for our clients.
  4. Enhanced Security: By bypassing traditional printer drivers and directly handling print jobs, TSPrint minimizes security vulnerabilities associated with printer driver updates and misconfigurations.

Addressing Common Printing Challenges

Printer Driver Issues:

Traditional print redirection methods can lead to compatibility issues, especially with older printers or models that require unique drivers. This often necessitates manual intervention and troubleshooting, disrupting workflow and productivity. TSPrint’s universal driver eliminates this issue by managing print jobs directly, regardless of the printer model.

Connectivity Problems:

Many gotomyerp clients have reported connectivity issues leading to frequent disconnections and disruptions in printing. This is particularly problematic for applications like Sage 100, where continuous printing is crucial. TSPrint addresses this issue by offering a reliable connection that maintains consistency, reducing the frequency of disconnections【9†source】.

Support for Diverse Applications:

TSPrint’s integration with gotomyerp extends beyond just Sage 100. Whether you’re using QuickBooks or another desktop ERP system, TSPrint seamlessly manages printing tasks, ensuring that all documents, from invoices to reports, are accurately and efficiently processed【8†source】.

Comprehensive Support:

At gotomyerp, we’re committed to supporting our clients in every aspect of their experience, including printing. TSPrint’s integration into our services ensures that our clients have a reliable printing solution that minimizes downtime and allows for easy troubleshooting. In the rare event that additional support is needed, our support team is ready to assist【9†source】.


Incorporating TSPrint into gotomyerp’s suite of services has significantly improved the printing experience for our clients. This seamless, cross-platform solution eliminates common printing headaches, enhances productivity, and provides a reliable and secure printing solution for all cloud-hosted applications.

For businesses looking to streamline their printing processes and reduce disruptions, TSPrint is the ideal solution. We invite you to explore the benefits of TSPrint, and to experience firsthand how it can transform your printing experience with gotomyerp.