Remote Access QuickBooks, Easily


Here’s Your Problem:

QuickBooks is on the computer back home or at the office. You and the team are expanding and moving away from just 1 user.  You work in a small office or you now need all 30 of you working out of a house, in the warehouse, out in the field or onsite closing deals at a client.

 And you really need access to QuickBooks now. What to do?

Solution: Remote Access QuickBooks

You need to remote access QuickBooks using a remote access solution or hosted QuickBooks Solution.  In this article, we will guide you through various possibilities for deciding what is the best way for you to remotely access QuickBooks.

Before we begin, always…

Make sure we take the best steps to securing our systems:

  • Caution Number 1: Backups

Always make a back up of your QuickBooks Data and all QuickBooks Company Files before making any decision about you remote solution.

  • Caution Number 2: Don’t do this…

Don’t use Dropbox or QBox to file share or use a thumb drive where you move copies of your QuickBooks Company Databases back and forth. This is extremely bad for the integrity of any versions of QuickBooks PRO, Premier or Enterprise.

  • Caution Number 3: QuickBooks Data Corruption and…

By doing this you will increase the chances of something happening to your system files. Or better yet, you use the incorrect version when restoring your QuickBooks files and you’ll be missing transactions for sure then.

 In the next section let’s consider various ways to remote access QuickBooks, easily, safely and consistently.

Ways to Remotely Access QuickBooks

We will do this by the number of users and applications you have connected to QuickBooks.

Ground Level: 1 QuickBooks User (Micro Business)

At this level you QuickBooks Data Files are in the same computer at your home or office.  You just need a fast, quick and reliable way to get at your QuickBooks system when you’re on the road, with a client or at the coffee shop.

Consider: GoToMyPC, LogMeIn or TeamViewer…

Basically you need 2 computers, one at the office the other next to you on the road. The computer at the office has to stay on all the time. You can then remote access QuickBooks securely from other locations. Remember this is a simple solution so functionality may be a little limited but for sure you will be able to print and possibly pass some files between your office and the remote location you’re in.

PRICE Annually $90 to $150 per user, no storage.
COMPATABILTIY QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, 3rd Party Apps
LIMITATIONS  One User at a time. Office Computer. Your Internet Quality and Stability

WHAT OUR EXPERIENCE TELLS US: Please use something like Intuit Data Protect. It’s worth every penny. Intuit Data Protect is a subscription service that helps you protect your data from loss or damage due to virus, laptop theft, file corruption, fire, and so on. Your files are automatically backed up online over the Internet once a day, every day, at an automatically selected time to an offsite location. This is literally for 1 user.

More Ground Level: 1 – 2 QuickBooks User (Micro Business)

At this level you are starting to need more access between users. This allows for you and a team member to share a data file, although one at a time.

Consider: DropBox or QBox. *Solution must be designed specifically for this.

Micro businesses may consider this solution.  It does help with synchronizing your databases across a couple of computers. The system files have to lock before the other person can use the file so if you’re entering information in simultaneously it may cause delays in processing. So it’s not really designed for more than one or 2 users. The good news is that your QuickBooks data files are backed up so you may not need Intuit Data Protect.

PRICE Annually $90 to $150 per user
COMPATABILTIY QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, 3rd Party Apps
LIMITATIONS One User at a time. Possible Data Corruption. Your Internet Quality and Stability.

WHAT OUR EXPERIENCE TELLS US: This is a good idea for low volume micro-businesses. Please note that QuickBooks is not designed to remote access its data file this way and you may not be within warranty.

Your Own Cloud at Your Office: 1 to 30 QuickBooks Users (Small to Mid Sized)

This is a more advanced solution and will require technical assistance to make this work well. This allows for savvy businesses to take advantage of infrastructure they may already have or would consider investing in on their own.
Consider: Servers with Windows Remote Desktop
This will require upfront investment in your computing and physical infrastructure along with a continuing relationship with a qualified network technician. You and your team will be able to operate QuickBooks without the limitations of the previous solutions. Because the investment is in the infrastructure, there is little to no incremental cost for adding additional users or applications. The major issue here for micro, small and mid-sized businesses is that this model of QuickBooks remote access is more expensive and may be cost prohibitive.  Make sure to discuss in detail a plan with a qualified technician all the variables of creating your own cloud.
PRICE Starting around $5,000 and up plus recurring costs for maintenance, licensing and application consultants.
COMPATABILTIY QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, 3rd Party Apps
LIMITATIONS Physical Devices Onsite, IT Management Required, No QuickBooks or Application Support. Your Internet Quality and Stability
WHAT OUR EXPERIENCE TELLS US: If a company has the ability to invest in this model and properly allocate resources to manage the computers, infrastructure along with the recurring expenditures, this makes sense.

Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider: 3 to 100s of users (for Micro, Small, Mid-Sized, Large and Enterprise)

All the benefits of creating your own cloud in your office and it eliminates the upfront costs and many more benefits like having an authorized QuickBooks hosting provider on your side.

Consider: Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers for Remote QuickBooks Accessing

This option is the best of all the features previously mentioned. One of the most significant benefits is there is little to no upfront investment in infrastructure and your price increases or decreases based on your actual usage. Better yet, if you choose the right provider they will manage everything for you and provide QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services, QuickBooks Licensing and 3rd Party Applications.

The added benefits of hosting QuickBooks is that your system is available 24 hour hours a day and includes all the technical support needed.

Pricing. High-quality QuickBooks Hosting Services charge, on average $45 to $85 per month, per user and can incorporate nearly all 3rd Party Applications like; HighJump EDI, MISys Manufacturing, Acctivate, bMobile, SmartVault, TransactionPro and so on.

Right Networks is where Intuit sends all hosting referrals please keep in mind they may not be the best for your operations just because Intuit sold the service to you. What Right Networks does well is host QuickBooks only. When complexity is introduced you may consider other providers like gotomyerp.

Take time to evaluate your actual needs and test drive your solution with that provider to make the best possible decision.

PRICE Starting around $45 per user per month for basic service.
COMPATABILTIY QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, 3rd Party Apps
LIMITATIONS Your Internet Quality and Stability.  Especially if you have many locations without reasonable service.

WHAT OUR EXPERIENCE TELLS US: This is usually the most effective approach. Regardless if you are a small office, start-up or mature organization. The benefits gained with a high-quality Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider out weigh the cost, upfront investment and recurring support needed in an on-prem cloud to remote access QuickBooks for your operations.

MORE ABOUT gotomyerp

Hosted solutions like QuickBooks Hosting can be a great way to reduce your upfront IT investment and overall expenses as well as acquiring cloud hosting experts, professional ProAdvisors and a strategy partner help you with selecting the best QuickBooks Solutions available at a fraction of the cost of full-time staff.

Our clients have selected us because we make remote accessing QuickBooks easy.  In addition to the amazing services that come with our QuickBooks Hosting. Those services include; QuickBooks ProAdvisors on-staff, CPAs available to strategize with, Experts in nearly all 3rd Party Applications we host and more.

Don’t take our word for it… ask our clients.  When you’re ready we set at time for you to chat with our clients in detail.

This is what every client receives;

  • A FULLY MANAGED HOSTING NETWORK ENVIRONMENT (not just a server). We allocate the optimal amount of computing resources so that your Hosted QuickBooks and all your 3rd party systems operate well when you .
  • DISCOUNTS ON QUICKBOOKS. All our clients receive the best pricing available and usually better than the lowest published prices. This includes discounts available to us from 3rd Party Solutions as well.
  • ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION. Our ProAdvisors, CPAs and Cloud Strategists are available to you. Tell us about your business needs and we can help move you and your organization in the right direction.
  • SETTING UP QUICKBOOKS. Are you new to QuickBooks?  We help here too. You can leverage our QuickBooks ProAdvisors or CPAs to construct your new solution exactly the way you need it to perform. Then enjoy remotely accessing QuickBooks and take your business to the next level.
  • QUICKBOOKS TRAINING – INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP. We assist all clients with their questions individually. We normally do this while we remotely access QuickBooks together and discuss your specific questions. Choose from our QuickBooks ProAdvisors or  CPAs to help guide you the best way you need.
  • QUICKBOOKS SUPPORT. We extend the hands of Intuit.  Since our service is more comprehensive we help you and your team members with direct QuickBooks support.
  • QUICKBOOKS CONVERSIOS INCLUDED. Since we’re working with your QuickBooks Hosted, it’s easy for us to upgrade and maintain your entire system. It’s included.
  • 3rd PARTY QUICKBOOKS SOLUTIONS. We are specialists in extending capability of QuickBooks with solutions from the best-extended solutions available in the market.  And better yet?  Everything just works with our QuickBooks Hosting by gotomyerp.