4 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

Published July 20, 2021
cloud migration for small medium businesses

A streamlined IT infrastructure is critical in every organization and consists of a strategic combination of public cloud, private cloud, and customary IT systems. An IDG cloud computing survey revealed that over 70% of leading IT decision-makers report that migrating data to the cloud is an efficient way to optimize an IT unit.

While embracing the cloud may be a cost-effective business solution, transferring data from traditional storage to the cloud can be challenging, especially for small business owners.

Guaranteeing smooth integration of cloud and conventional IT systems is a top challenge. Businesses often worry about exposing their critical data to potential gaps that can lead to data loss and cyber-attacks.

This article presents a step-by-step guide on successfully migrating your company’s data to the cloud.

Step 1: Plan Your Migration

Before diving straight into data migrations, business owners must contact industry cloud service providers like gotomyerp to develop a clear strategy. It’s important to schedule ahead of time and map realistic project schedules to avoid any discrepancies.

Step 2: Inventory Your Assets

After thoroughly analyzing your current and future cloud strategy, move on to building a holistic view of all data center possessions. Check your IT portfolio and its ability to manage the changes and inventory your assets. This allows business managers to decide which data needs to be migrated.

Step 3: Budget Migration Expenses and Forecast ROI

Cloud migration is neither exceedingly expensive nor very cheap. You need to plan a realistic budget to ensure a smooth migration. You’ll need to pay for cloud engineering, security tools, integration services, and regular IT system check and balance. While these expenses might seem significant at first, the ROI on cloud services makes every penny worth it.

Step 4: Ensure Compliance

Don’t forget to comply with regulations before moving on with the cloud migration process. Moreover, successful migration also necessitates secure, policy-based strategies to identify and fix security risks and compliance gaps.

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