Top Lessons to Learn From the WFH Business Model

Published July 28, 2021
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Before the pandemic struck the globe, remote working practices were common in various industries. In 2020, all non-essential businesses rolled out temporary and permanent work-from-home policies to keep their employees safe and business profitable.

It’s still unclear what the new normal will look like in the post-pandemic world, but one thing’s for sure: remote work is here to stay. With digital trends and developments, businesses across different industries have successfully piloted and implemented WFH practices for good.

This dramatic transformation has also taught businesses some worthwhile lessons. Let’s discuss some of them.

Communication and Transparency Are the Keys

People, processes, and products, the three P’s of navigating a business, require unprecedented attention now more than ever.

Getting your employees, clients, business partners, and agents unified on a project is integral to ensuring successful outcomes. While your main priority must revolve around keeping your employees safe, it’s essential to consider their job satisfaction too. The sudden transition from workplace culture to WFH has disgruntled many workers. Surveys have reported decreased employee motivation and productivity. Fortunately, these challenges can be overcome by adopting clear communication strategies.

Businesses must understand that maintaining transparent internal communication is the only way to encourage employees and clients as they work remotely. Sending appreciation remarks, providing feedback, and conducting virtual meet-ups are necessary.

The WFH module has taught us that engagement methods such as voting, happy hours, and mindfulness practices are essential to achieve bigger and better results. 

The Future Holds More Work-From-Home Resilience

Stats show that more than 95% of worldwide businesses have successfully taken their operations online. It seems like the future holds greater remote work flexibility backed by automation and AI tools. Research giants like Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC have revealed more businesses are going to embrace automation and digitalization in the next few years.

Digital techniques and processes are on a steady rise, and some businesses have even considered mergers and acquisitions to diversify their abilities to adopt automation. 

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