What You Need to Know About Sage Hosting Costs

Published June 14, 2023
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In the present era of digital transformation, it’s universally acknowledged that users should have remote and device-independent access to software and applications, including enterprise solutions. Understandably, businesses gravitate towards moving all their on-premise office applications to the cloud.3

Accounting and ERP applications, being operation-critical, are often the first to transition to cloud-based platforms. Many Sage users, who currently host their Sage systems locally on office workstations, recognize the drawbacks and limitations of this deployment model and are contemplating moving their Sage to remote hosting. For new Sage users, remote desktop hosting of Sage is becoming increasingly popular. This is likely the most cost-effective and convenient way to deploy accounting software, advantageous for both SMBs and larger organizations.

A primary factor that may hinder or delay users from shifting to a cloud Sage hosting is the costs associated with maintaining a cloud-hosted Sage 50, Sage 100, or Sage 300 system. These expenses could pose a constraint for an organization or a business that requires multi-user access to Sage. They might need help estimating the monthly and annual costs of Sage hosting in the cloud.

Given this backdrop, let’s examine the costs of hosting your Sage systems in the cloud.

What is the Total Cost of Sage Hosting (Total Cost of Ownership)?

Sage Group, the publishers of Sage ERP, offer their products to customers under software licensing and a monthly SaaS subscription fee model. There are two primary product models, desktop applications and SaaS. Both are subscription-based models, and all Sage products and pricing can be obtained through certified third-party resellers and Sage directly (Sage official website.).

For Sage desktop hosting like Sage 50, 100, and 300, the average subscription price usually falls between $50 and $120 per user per month (PUPM) for standard Sage hosting services, depending on the customer’s needs, complexity, and which third-party systems are integrated.

Highest-quality Sage cloud hosting providers incorporate all the essential services and maintenance tasks in the monthly per-user price, with extra fees only charged when the customer requests additional services or computing resources.

The following services typically come bundled with the basic Sage cloud hosting subscription fee:

Sage Desktop Licensing

Sage license is the actual product (software) itself and, during the subscription year, includes support from Sage, major product updates, patches, and knowledge base access. Licensing costs constitute a substantial portion of any Sage cloud hosting. Depending on the hosting provider, this can be bundled with the hosting service or paid for separately by the customer.

Sage Hosting on a Dedicated Server with Custom Settings

Hosted cloud offerings should encompass dedicated networks, servers, and a customized environment tailored to the client’s needs, system requirements, and 3rd party systems.

Data Backups, Redundancy, Disaster Recovery

Automatic backups of all the customer’s Sage data stored on the cloud server are another duty a Sage hosting provider should fulfill for its clients at no additional cost. It is just the start of ensuring your system is healthy. However, few hosting providers offer certified redundancy and disaster recovery. Usually, these are priced separately, with the exception of a few Sage providers who include this as part of their service at no additional cost.

Active Security, Multi-Factor, and Identity Authentication Measures

Ensuring the customer’s Sage apps and data stored in the cloud are robustly secured against malware and hacker attacks is another responsibility of hosting providers typically included in the final price. The best environments will always have these features and should be considered default features of Sage 50, Sage 100, or Sage 300 hosting.

Extra Cyber Insurance Policy for Customers

If few cloud hosting providers build the best resilient high-performing dedicated environments, even fewer, 1 or 2, offer customers an extra cyber insurance policy, just in case. 

Infrastructure Maintenance, Updates, and Patching

The Sage hosting provider is also accountable for maintaining its cloud servers and infrastructure, which includes timely software updates, managing the server hardware, and other maintenance tasks performed at no extra charge for the client. Cloud hosting providers who have fully adopted Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) like AWS EC2 or Azure ensures that the underlying environment is superior to physically managed local, co-located solutions and can focus on delivering your service without managing cables and racks.

On-Demand Tech Support

Additionally, the cloud hosting subscription fee includes technical support from Sage experts. Depending on the provider, support may be offered solely via email or multiple channels, including phone support and live website chat.

Providers like gotomyerp offer its Sage cloud hosting at a starting price of $50 per user per month. It is a mid-market price for dedicated Sage hosting, Go-Live Day 1 Guarantee, and an exceptional track record of uptime. In this case, every customer gets access to a dedicated server environment, customization based on individual system requirements, and other perks included in the base fee, including on-demand application support for Sage 50, Sage 100, and Sage 300 with a Fully Managed Plan.

Sage Products and Editions Hosted in the Cloud

Here is a list of custom Sage Cloud editions available to customers on a monthly hosted subscription basis:

Sage 50 Cloud

Sage 50 Cloud is a contemporary cloud accounting solution optimized for micro-sized businesses. It provides basic and essential capabilities, such as AP payments and AR invoicing, customer management, financial reporting, and advanced features like detailed profitability tracking, cash flow forecasting, and custom reporting.

Sage 100 Cloud

The Sage 100 ERP offers a time-tested platform that supports intricate logistics, purchasing, inventory management workflows, and financial reporting needs. Sage 100 has nearly 30,000 active customers running mostly small to mid-sized organizations in the United States for customers in industries like wholesale distribution, manufacturing, professional services, and e-com.

Sage 300 Cloud

Designed to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses and large enterprises that are global in scale, Sage 300 Cloud allows professional and business service users to manage simple business to multinational business entities’ operations, assets, and investment projects with maximum productivity.

Sage 500 Cloud

Sage 500 ERP is an enterprise management solution with a strong base in manufacturing and has add-ons and workflows to address every layer of business operations.

Sage 100 CRE & Sage 300 CRE

Sage CRE is a Sage edition customized for the needs of the construction and real estate industry. Sage 100 CRE and Sage 300 CRE provide basic Sage functionality optimized for construction and trades. This includes accounting, budget estimations, project management, payment processing, procurement, document management, and property management.

Sage X3 Cloud

Sage X3 is an edition customized for clients who require global enterprise-level functionality and performance. Sage X3 incorporates the core set of Sage ERP system features, including modules for multinational and multi-region accounting operations, inventory management, sales, order delivery, purchasing, and payments processing.

Sage CRM Cloud

Sage CRM provides users with software components for the easy automation of repeatable sales-related tasks and streamlined creation of leads, contacts, and opportunities with quotation and communication tracking. Metrics, customer analytics, and various activities related to market promotion and customer success management are included.

Why Host Your Sage Cloud with gotomyerp?

Gotomyerp employs a team of Sage experts with years of industry experience capable of assisting with Sage Cloud implementation or migrating your on-premise accounting infrastructure to our highly protected and optimized for the maximum performance cloud environment and the 1st to adopt AWS PaaS and has led the way ever since 2014.

We provide full end-to-end support for our fully managed customers using Sage 100 and Sage 300, including third-party apps and data integrations.

We are vigilant about the process of backing up, replication, and redundancy. While most cloud hosting providers offer basic reserve copying of client data on a schedule, we take it several steps further, offering various backup options and continuity planning to accommodate every possible recovery scenario you may need.

Are you considering migrating your Sage applications to gotomyerp’s Sage hosting platform? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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