Common QuickBooks Problems and How to Resolve Them

Published November 27, 2022
common quickbooks issues quickbooks hosting provider for SME

According to Forbes, QuickBooks has become highly popular over the last few years due to its customer-centricity. The software is backed by a strong network of software developers that are working day and night to deliver the best accounting solutions to businesses around the world. The same report states that this is what makes QuickBooks a ‘development platform’ and not just ‘accounting software.’

Intuit developed QuickBooks in a way that’s easy for a layman to use. Together, Intuit and the hosting provider ensure that the end-user faces no issues or problems while using the software.

Here are a few issues that may arise and how you can sort them out using QuickBooks’s features:

Lost Connection to Data Files

Sometimes, clients complain of lost connection to data files. This happens if QuickBooks fails to connect to the network. Even a slight issue with the network can cut off the connection completely. As a result, you might not be able to generate invoices or send in your payments. Such issues hinder both productivity and delivery time.

Here’s the truth: there isn’t something wrong with the software.

In case such a thing happens, the first thing you should do is check the firewall and antivirus program. Make sure none of these two are blocking the connection. Such issues can also occur if your internet connection is slow or lost.

Slow Connection 

Other than slow internet, you could experience a slow connection as a result of capacity issues. This mostly happens when the hardware doesn’t have the right capacity to support multiple users or if the number of users employed to carry out a task exceeds the designated limit.

There are three ways to go about this:

  1. Speak to your QuickBooks hosting provider and get them to upgrade the system to a more advanced version that supports a greater number of users.
  2. If you have an on-premise server, you may consider increasing the random access memory to improve disk performance.
  3. If there’s an issue with the data file, use a cleanup data tool to speed up the connection.

Lost Administrator Password 

This is not the most ideal situation. It’s better to make sure you don’t lose the password. Write it somewhere safe if possible.

However, if you somehow lose the password, we recommend using the Automated Password Reset tool to regain administrative access to the QuickBooks account. There are lots of local software programs available out there that help you reset the password—DON’T fall for them! Using these may put your data security at risk.

Another safer solution is to reinstall the software in your system. When you reboot the system, it’ll give you the option to reset the password as well. If neither of the two options works out, consult your hosting provider.

Unknowingly Deleting Transactions

To understand why this happens, you need to know that all transactions that are recorded in QuickBooks are somehow interlinked. Many times, accountants change one transaction, and this may delete another due to an accounting attachment. This is not the software’s fault.

To confirm why this is happening, you can always go to the list of deleted transactions and cross-check. If you’re using QuickBooks desktop, you’d easily find this option under Reports> Accountant & Taxes> Void/Deleted Transactions Detail. 

Please note that you can’t restore the deleted QuickBooks transactions. However, if you feel like a transaction should be there after it was auto-deleted (on account of no longer being accurate), you can retrieve the details using the Audit Log and re-enter them manually. However, you must also know that Audit Log only works for transactions that were once saved. You won’t be able to access a report for deleted transactions.

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