Quickbooks Hosting vs other accounting software

Too many accounting softwares have now exploded into the market, which creates dilemma in the minds of user to choose one among them. Today we are going to provide a bit of comparison between Quickbooks hosting and other accounting softwares which are emerging in the business world.

  • Sage 50 vs Quickbooks:- Sage 50 has an extremely easy layout with aim of being a user friendly accounting software whereas Quickbooks Hosting provides an easy platform for all the financial administration without the need to invest heavily. It integrates Existing Quickbook files, and excel 2002,2003 and 2007 versions where as sage 50 can also integrate with adobe Reader, Ms outlook.
  • Freshbooks vs Quickbooks: – Quickbooks has been designed to appeal to all sizes of business from small to large. There does exist a few minor tweaks with freshbooks like customizing invoice, Online Payments and sales taxes, while Quickbooks hosting provides plethora of benefits like multi user workflow, fantastic customer support, importing from excel or other email address books.
  • Quickbooks vs Xero: – While there is no doubt about Xero’s emerging very heavily in market and giving a strong competition to intuit’s Quickbooks , quickbooks has dominated the market for decades and it is going to get better only within the upcoming years. The Pricing plans of Xero’s are on the lower side however it provides only a limited number of functionalities with respect to quickbooks pricing plans for the same pricing range.
  • Quickbooks vs Wave Accounting:- Wave Accounting provides a free trial of their software. It is targeted for companies having less than 10 employees. In the free trial, a user might be force to exposed to some ads in the system which may not be a pleasant experience. The pricing plans are low and may prove useful for having one or two employees.
  • Quickbooks vs Free Agent:- Freeagent is priced around 24 $ a month, providing unlimited invoicing.It provides integration with Right signature and other products like Basecamp and Capsule CRM. It is mainly targeted towards freelancers. The templates for invoicing are eye appealing and catchy.
  • Quickbooks vs Yendo: – Yendo provides the feature for bulk emailing to your clients .Quickbooks hosting provides all sorts of functionalities with a few add ons. For managing inventory or payroll, Yendo may not prove to be a good choice while Quickbook hosting has covered up almost all its shortcomings.