3 Must-Have Cloud Hosted Solutions for SMEs


A cloud is no longer an option for smart businesses; it’s a necessity. Cloud computing has become integral to many organizations because of its flexibility and scalability – enabling you to scale up or down as your business requirements change without any additional cost. It makes it easier for small businesses to collaborate, market their products and services, and grow. It’s no longer about running your servers – now, it’s all about accessing data from anywhere at any time. Cloud hosting services are cost-effective and secure for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) that don’t have the resources or budget for on-premises servers. They offer a broad range of cloud-hosted solutions for SMBs, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). 

Are you ready to join the revolution? Here are 3 must-have cloud-hosted solutions for SMEs. 

Accounting Software  

Accounting software is usually expensive and complicated to use. The fact of the matter is, most small businesses don’t need all of their accounting features. They just want something to help them organize their finances and run reports. QuickBooks is a cloud-based software solution available today that can do this for you, with little or no setup time required. It makes it very easy for people to keep track of their money and save time on calculations needed when running a business. In today’s competitive marketplace, accounting software has become a necessity for small businesses. It’s the backbone of every business transaction, whether recording sales revenue or managing employee timesheets. 

Tax Management  

Tax management software on the cloud allows businesses and individuals to reduce the time and cost of filing taxes. The new software also helps them file more accurate tax returns by providing the latest data from all government departments. This is a crucial benefit as many citizens face penalties for inaccurate filing, even though they were acting in good faith based on the information they had at hand. 

Project Management 

Cloud computing and online collaboration tools have made it easier than ever to manage projects and collaborate with team members. Cloud-based project management systems allow you to create a new cloud account, invite your team members, and start working on the project right away. With the right tools in place, projects will be completed faster than ever. 

Tax filing documents

Who to Choose for Your QuickBooks Hosting? 

QuickBooks hosting is a great option for small businesses that are looking to outsource their bookkeeping needs. gotomyerp is a leading QuickBooks hosting company that provides QuickBooks hosting for enterprises in America and Canada. Call us at (877) 888-5525 to get started with a 30 day free QuickBooks hosting.