3 Ways Sage 300 CRE Helps Firms Increase Project Profitability

Published September 10, 2021
sage 300 cre cloud hosting services for project planning

Construction project planners have a lot on their plates. Several steps need their undivided attention, from budgeting, scheduling, and allocating resources to assessing the outcome. Managing all the aspects of project planning can, however, be laborious and painstaking.

Refining project effectiveness in 2021 is more essential than ever. The entire team has to collaborate to streamline project profitability and disciplines across the board.

Project planners need automated support to ensure high productivity and minimum errors. This is where Sage 300 CRE comes in. This software solution is solely designed to help construction industry players make project planning more efficient and less complicated. Anyone can use Sage CRE software, from CFOs and controllers to project managers and delegators, due to its user-friendliness and easy integration capabilities.

Project managers no longer need to crunch numbers or set numerous deadlines and reminders to get desired project outcomes on time. Our efficient Sage 300 CRE cloud hosting and continuous support can help your company take profits and project productivity up a notch!

Project planners can significantly upscale success metrics by cooperating closely with the set-up team, finance managers, and raw material handlers. Sage CRE is undeniably a resourceful and beneficial tool to help construction businesses achieve profitable growth in 2021.

Let’s learn how the Sage 300 CRE software can help you ramp up construction business profits.

More About Sage

Before we dig into the advantages of Sage 300 CRE, here’s a brief introduction to the solution’s developer company:

Sage is a leading manufacturer of some of the best CRE cloud software in the world. It has developed robust, functional, and plausible products to help construction companies stay afloat. Increasing competition, changing market trends, and evolving consumer demands have posed a great challenge to project planners. This calls for a solution like the Sage 300 CRE software.

Whether you’re a new startup in the construction industry or a well-established business, deploying Sage CRE solutions can set you apart from the competition. All Sage products, including 300 CRE, come with Sage Business Cloud capabilities. This platform is all a project planner needs to manage and stay on top of customer needs, project accounting, financials, and more.

1. Risk Mitigation

Sage CRE is the ultimate tool to mitigate project planning risks. Sage CRE can do everything from insurance, security certificates, regulatory compliance, file tracking, and liability management.

Project planners often worry about the risk management and mitigation process. They want to offer the best services to contractors, suppliers, RM handlers, logistics companies, and business clients. However, doing all this simultaneously with equal efficiency isn’t easy.

Using the Sage 300 CRE, you can keep tabs on building permits, manage payroll and people, and develop accurate estimates for contractors.

2. Avoid Bottlenecks

Another issue facing many construction project planners is reaching a bottleneck. Not every company has abundant resources to invest in one project. If you’re running a startup, you’ll understand the importance of business capital. Sage 300 CRE helps you avoid construction delays by identifying and resolving bottlenecks ahead of time.

It offers a seamless pool of functional features that allows you to collaborate with internal and external teams seamlessly. Sage 300 CRE also offers third-party integrations. Using this, you can manage all kinds of financial aspects, including accounts payables and receivables, inventory supervision, PO and SKU management, and much more. 

3. File Management

Every construction project involves heaps of paperwork. To make your business model eco-friendly and less impactful on the environment, opt for an automated solution like Sage 300 CRE.

This tool not only offers superior control of data to users, but it also eliminates the need to manage numerous files. You can safely secure paperless documents on Sage Cloud and maintain a robust audit trail. The software allows you to manage controlled access to keep confidential data safe from loss or theft.

Sage CRE is the ultimate tool to make, store, organize, and retrieve engineering drawings, supplier and contractor invoices, land lease agreements, licenses, and certificates.

In addition, Sage 300 CRE also offers E-commerce integration features, an HR management tool, a streamlined projects reporting module, and resource monitoring.

Invest in automated construction and real estate software like Sage 300 CRE to establish your construction business right from the start. You can use Sage 300 CRE to control the entire project management system, from generating expenses to tracking growth.

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