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Making your operations easier is what you need and working with a partner who makes it easy is what you need.

Experience how easy Sage Cloud Hosting can be today.

Try Our Sage 50 Environment for Yourself

Follow the steps below to experience our servers' live demo.

Step 1: Windows 7?
Install Optional but Recommended Windows 7 Patches. (Could take up to 15-20 minutes, Local admin required, Reboot required) Download the Windows 7 Desktop Shortcut, then run it.
Step 1: Using a Mac?
Use this Interactive Guide to get setup. The following URL will be required: Use the credentials in STEP3
Step 2: Launch Portal
Double-click on the desktop shortcut on your desktop to launch the portal. The icon will look like this: gotomyerp demo icon
Step 3: Log In to Portal
Portal Login Information: User: s50demo1 Password: ERP12345!
* As a new user joins you may become disconnected from your session. * A high quality internet connection is recommended.

Sage Cloud Hosting

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Your Sage ERP and the best Sage Support – included. As a Sage hosting provider, we’re here to help you get the most from Authorized Sage Hosting by gotomyerp.

See how hosting Sage in the cloud can help drive your business.


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Your dedicated network environment allows your Sage ERP native functionality and all 3rd party solutions like AvalaraShipGearScanForceTrueCommerceOrchid Systems or DataSelf.  All maintenance, updates and care is included.