The Right Accounting Software for Your Retail Business

Published April 6, 2021
quickbooks accounting software for retail

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has entirely transformed the way the retail industry operates. From business owners, vendors, and suppliers to customers, everyone is inclined toward digitalized buying and selling practices.

Retail business owners often face numerous challenges pertaining to data, invoices, receipts, sales orders, and client order management. From item updates, inventory information, and warehouse costing to tracking payables and receivables, several tasks require unprecedented attention. A single numeric error or computational discrepancy can lead to extensive problems in retail data management and storage practices.

If your retail business is growing rapidly or selling across multiple channels, it’s important that you consider automating your accounting and finance practices. These key tasks, if not managed appropriately, can lead to counterproductive errors in your business models.

Therefore, more players in the retail industry are now deploying automated accounting tools such as Sage Cloud and QuickBooks accounting software to enhance their profitability.

Automated Accounting in Retail—Digging Deeper

Every business owner in the retail industry knows that this sector is much more than exchanging goods and services for money.

It includes many more aspects, such as product management, merchandising, advertising, research, inventory management, etc. Therefore, it’s imperative to stay atop accounting and finance tasks to allow yourself more time for profit—generating tasks such as seller negotiations.

Managing accounts is quite a laborious and time-consuming retail business activity. From payroll, cash flows, ledgers, and invoices to taxes and stock levels, every alphanumeric data-based function must be tracked carefully. And there’s no better way to reduce error risks than by deploying cutting-edge accounting software that enables you to focus on more important tasks while it handles accounting hassles for you.

All-in-all, you can’t run fruitful retail commerce without keeping thorough records. And that’s where excellent retail business accounting software can help. Let’s get to know all the benefits and reasons for using accounting software to achieve excellence in the retail industry.

1. Data Backup

Cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks will always have your back when it comes to data security and storage. No matter what your business goes through, it’ll never face a system malfunction leading to data loss risk and security breaches.

Automated, secured, and support-integrated accounting software allows safe data backups on the cloud with easy and remote retrieval. You and your employees can use the software simultaneously to work closely with customers and vendors. It promotes easier, quicker, and more efficient sales tracking by providing deeper insights into key business numbers.

With sound data backups, you can save a lot of time and effort in case of technical faults in the system.

2. Integration

Retailers often use more than one software tool to optimize their businesses. They deploy various valuable tech solutions, such as CRM and mailing systems, to manage vendors and customers. So wouldn’t it be great to enable a fully integrated retail environment? It can be achieved by combining accounting software with the data stored on your email and CRM systems.

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Accounting software makes retail workflow smoother and error-free by ensuring the accuracy of billing, inventory, and customer communication data on a single interface.

3. Real-Time Updates

Accounting software recognizes the prominence of time and hence apprises you of all the particulars of every account in real time, so you’re completely aware of all the aspects of your business.

With cloud accounting software, you can track everything like expenditures, business deals, your staff, sales order, customer info, and much more. This allows greater flexibility and traceability that takes your retail business one step closer to achieving the success it’s destined for.

Why Choose QuickBooks?

Retailers always ensure that their bookkeeping and finance sections receive the utmost superiority over others. It helps them withstand business challenges and simplify integration across the board. With impending automation, they’re pursuing ways to gain faultless control over the competition.

And this is where Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software steps in. Accessible in numerous versions, this bookkeeping software is chock full of robust and trailblazing features. The QuickBooks accounting software is available in three main versions Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. It allows convenient access to the user and also offers a mobile-friendly interface. With QuickBooks, retail businesses can enhance operational efficiency across all functions. It offers various value-additive features such as:

  • Income and expense alignment
  • Accounting ledgers
  • Tax heading creations and operations
  • Customizable invoices
  • Payable and receivable tracking
  • Bank and cash formation and processes
  • Journal entries and transactions, etc.
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Billing information management
  • CRM integration, and much more!

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