Questions To Ask Your Enterprise Clients About Technology

Published December 31, 2022
cloud based erp systems for small medium enterprises

Cloud hosting is the new buzzword in the corporate world, and many enterprise clients come to us believing the technology eliminates or drastically reduces costs altogether. This is not a well-aligned assumption, and at gotomyerp we ask our clients some important questions to ensure they realize what they’re getting into. First, we ask the client why they should adopt cloud-based ERP. Contrary to popular belief, clouding largely shifts costs so that their investment becomes effective, and they gain flexibility by leveraging the technology optimally. The second most important thing is to inquire about the enterprise’s bandwidth requirements, both current and future predicted, as an internet connection is the most critical business service in use today.

The third question relates to their view on hosting confidential business data over the cloud, albeit on a dedicated server and informing them about the security measures in place to prevent illegal access. The final question determines if the enterprise client has a cloud adoption plan in place that will oversee their switch to the technology in the most seamless manner possible. Once the client is fully aware of the benefits of cloud hosting, we offer a 30-day test of our services to help in decision-making.

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