Addressing the QuickBooks Certificate Revocation Issue: A Comprehensive Update

Published September 7, 2023
quickbooks certificate revocation issue

With numerous software tools and applications continually evolving, even leaders like QuickBooks aren’t exempt from occasional hiccups. Recently, the “Certificate Revoked” error associated with the Quickbooks Web Connector has become a prevalent concern among users. Let’s delve deeper into this widespread issue, its current status, and the solutions in the pipeline.

The “Certificate Revoked” Concern

For some context, users around the globe began reporting an error related to a “Certificate Revoked” notice while utilizing the QuickBooks Web Connector. While initially alarming, it’s essential to note that this issue isn’t unique to the gotomyerp hosting platform but a more expansive concern affecting various users regardless of their platform.

Critical Updates

Intuit’s Immediate Action: Recognizing the gravity of the issue, Intuit promptly escalated the matter to priority one status, collaborating with various providers, including DigiCert and Microsoft. The core challenge? Pinpointing the root cause of the REVOKED SSL Certificate affecting 3rd Party Applications.

The Patch for QWC Applications: For users integrated with the QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC), like TSheets (now Quickbooks Time), there’s good news! Intuit released an initial patch that’s already been deployed to your server. The catch? You’ll need to re-accept the application certificate during synchronization. Need a hand with this? Check out our comprehensive guide: Re-integrating and Accepting Certificates.

Third-Party Connector Issues: Challenges still linger if you’re leveraging applications reliant on third-party connectors. However, we’re actively seeking solutions and working closely with these third-party vendors to address the error.

Where We Stand Now

Avalara’s Hurdle: Currently, Avalara, one of the third-party apps integrated with QuickBooks, is still resolving its integration challenges. We’re closely monitoring the situation and, in tandem, testing a workaround using the latest Avalara connector version.

Successful QB Web Connector Update: In brighter news, the QB Web Connector update rolled out by Intuit has proven effective for customers integrating with third-party applications.

Symantec Certificates & Third-Party Publishers: Certain third-party applications using Symantec certificates still display the revocation error. If you’re a third-party publisher grappling with the “Certificate Revoked Error,” engaging with the software’s publisher is crucial to ensure the latest release has a functional certificate.

Gotomyerp’s Commitment: At gotomyerp, we’re laser-focused on guiding our users through this tumultuous phase. If you’re still encountering errors, particularly with third-party integrations, reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re on standby, ready to offer advice, assist, and update you on the latest developments.

In Conclusion

Evidently, challenges, even unforeseen ones, are part and parcel of the digital world. However, the collective response and dedication towards resolution truly counts. We sincerely appreciate our community’s patience and trust during these times. Rest assured, we’re tirelessly working to restore normalcy and will provide regular updates on our platform.

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