Top Characteristics To Look For in an ERP Vendor

Published January 25, 2023
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In addition to having a range of varying capabilities, ERP systems come with a large variety of hosting options. These include a traditional on-premise ERP solution, a cloud-based solution, or a system that is a hybrid of both. However, cloud-hosted ERP solutions are rapidly becoming the most popular deployment option amongst businesses. In fact, a survey from research firm Mint Jutras revealed that 90% of businesses now prefer a cloud-based ERP system over a traditional on-premise solution because of its superior scalability, flexibility, and security. When you consider the numerous ERP hosting options available, it becomes critical to identify the needs of your organization before you make a final decision. Focusing on your organization’s core priorities can make it easier to choose an ERP vendor that is a perfect fit for your business.

Clearly Define What Your Organization Requires and What It Doesn’t

It’s important for a company to devise an enterprise strategy that aligns the IT strategy with the organization’s goals and objectives. Not only will this help the company select the right ERP vendor, but it’ll also help determine which tool it’ll require to head in the chosen direction. The next step for companies is to filter and assess system capabilities and vendors to figure out which ERP solution and vendor makes the most sense. It’s also vital to consider external factors such as supplier and customer impacts. Outlining capabilities and requirements will enable you to identify the true needs of your organization. Further scrutinizing will help unravel the real needs from the wants of your company.

While each company has its own unique requirements, here are some characteristics of ERP system vendors that leaders of all types of businesses should keep in mind when choosing an ERP tech partner.


This should be number one on your list of ERP vendor requirements. You don’t want to be waiting for days for your tech partner to respond to an issue. Transparency and flawless communication are key when it comes to a smooth adoption process. At gotomyerp, providing a high level of accessibility is one of our top priorities. In addition to providing our customers with comprehensive online resources, including videos, tutorials, and guides, gotomyerp’s team of professionals makes themselves available during all stages of QuickBooks hosting implementation. Furthermore, our trainers are always at hand to answer any and all customer queries.

Process & Domain Expertise

With an ERP solution, you’re not just seeking new software, but you’re trying to find a way to reduce costs and enhance the operational efficiency of your company. Therefore, not only should your tech partner have complete mastery over their software, but they should also be able to help you identify ways of improving your processes and identify practices that can improve your business as a whole.

Look for a tech partner that has experts who have knowledge of your industry and can understand your organization’s challenges and objectives. When you choose gotomyerp as your tech partner, we take steps to ensure that you get the maximum ROI from your new solution. These include deploying the system in a smooth manner, adjusting your processes so they are in sync with your new system, and educating your users on how they can get the best out of the new system.

Creativity and Adaptability

As the requirements of every organization are unique, every ERP system implementation is unique as well. Your ERP project will be shaped by its own unique characteristics, with varying market conditions, current business practices, and even the different personalities in your organization having a bearing on the task ahead. The vendor you opt for should be able to offer a product that’s flexible enough to suit your implementation. Furthermore, the solution your tech partner offers should also be scalable enough to adapt to the changing needs of your growing enterprise.

A Proven Methodology

A reputable ERP provider isn’t going to look for shortcuts at any stage of the process. Your chosen tech partner should have a proven methodology and a verifiable record of successful implementation. The ERP deployment method they use should be able to offer your users order and structure while simultaneously providing them the strategic flexibility to manage any unforeseen setbacks or accommodate any new requirements your organization might have.

Finding just the right ERP system isn’t enough. You also need a tech partner who can help you get the best out of your new solution. gotomyerp is an Intuit-authorized, award-winning QuickBooks cloud hosting provider that has a track record of successful ERP systems implementation. We can help you narrow down the solution that is perfectly suited to your business needs. Get in touch with us today.