Frequently Asked Questions.

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How Do We Start Hosting QuickBooks?
  1. If you don’t currently own QuickBooks, ask our team to help acquire the right version for your business OR;
  2. Bring Your Own License
  3. Sign up for Hosting Service by calling (877) 888-5525.
    1. We will advise you on the process of cloud hosting with GoToMyERP for the optimal performance of your QuickBooks Solutions and any Third Party system you use.
  4. In order to make sure this is an ideal solution for your business we perform a simple evaluation and if everything’s okay, it’s time to go to work.
  5. That’s it. Your cloud-hosted QuickBooks software will be set up and ready to use!
Does Hosting with gotomyerp Improve the Experience of Using QuickBooks?

Absolutely. Better than any local machine. With all your critical applications and data hosted on optimally tuned servers you can expect solid performance and much better overall performance. With our GoMobile, GoGlobal  access, you and your team can connect anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Simply gain access via the web application and log in with your user ID and password. Your QuickBooks system will be ready for you to use, just as if it were running on your PC. There’s virtually nothing new to learn because the software looks and works just like it does on your local environment.

Enterprise-Class Reliability

Your ERP, CRM, WMS or other critical applications are hosted on high-performance dedicated server instances to provide enterprise-class reliability to businesses.  Without limitations on space and performance – gotomyerp’s systems are designed to be flexible while you make your business successful.

What is Hosting?

“Hosting” is another way of saying that your QuickBooks software and data are running, maintained and stored (“hosted”) on an server in a secure enterprise-level facility, and not at your office on a PC, local or co-located server that you maintain. Access and work with your QuickBooks system from any current Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android based device at nearly any location with a good quality connection to the internet.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Service powered by gotomyerp?

It’s an additional service provided by authorized Intuit Hosting Providers – like gotomyerp. Intuit assesses and approves, standards and performance.It is for licensed holders of QuickBooks Enterprise, or any QuickBooks software.  But not to worry, if you need it we can help you get it too, we’re Intuit Premier Resellers too. Please see QuickBooks Enterprise Support Requirements.Our service allows anyone authorized by you to to access your QuickBooks environment, software and company data from just about any internet-connected device. Work anywhere, anytime – GoMobile, GoGlobal.

Is QuickBooks Support Included?

Yes, all our plans include support for our environment and diagnostic level support for all applications. Our global team of experts is able to customize and directly support of just about any application from QuickBooks. Give us a call and let us know what you have and how we can help.

Is It EASY to Use?

Your team simply launches our portal just like any web page, that’s it!  With secure credentials, each member of your team logs in with their own username and password. Everything your team needs is there and ready to use and they look and work exactly the same.


We protect your hosted data with encrypted transmission, firewalls, multi-layer access controls, and encrypted backups. Other security measures are available, just ask us.

Continuity Planning and 3rd Party Trusts

Business Continuity Planning by gotomyerp. Engineered to help you recover access to your data or entire environment if something were to happen to your office or you felt the need for additional accessibility. Your critical system are retained safely and accessible when you need them. Additionally, we work with all 3rd Party Trusting facilities to ensure your direct access to your data. Ask us for more detail.

Beyond Back Ups

We don’t just backup your data nightly, we image the whole environment and every server included. This assures us we can recover changes you may have made to other critical information, system settings or recently applied update. The systems are replicated and made available at other data centers for recovery scenarios beyond just backing up your data.

Can I Get a Copy of My Data?

Yes. As a part of our continuity planning we ask you if you’d prefer additional redundancy of your data or systems. Just ask us how.

A Low-Touch Environment

With gotomyerp running your applications, you will decrease the need for on site servers and minimize IT related costs while increasing security, stability and performance.

Provisioning or Upfront Costs. Are these Included?

Your environment is custom no matter the size of your organization or number of applications needed to support your operations. Make sure you read our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Requirements. We tailor each environment to exactly what is needed and assist all of your team members during the onboarding and go-live process. Provisioning or setup costs may be necessary depending on the complexity of your solution, but normally nothing’s needed. Just ask, we’ll help minimize this too.

Connection Quality

DEVICES:Other computers within the organization that may be connected to different network device (i.e: wireless nodes, firewalls, switches, routers, etc.) are not individually tested and may present some undetected problems during our test.VOICE OVER IP:VOIP must be on its own network, dedicated line and or your Firewall should be provisioned to isolate bandwidth required to support voice traffic.Other factors:Such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Web Filters, Antivirus or special firewall policies have been known to interfere with the proper operation of certain functions of the hosted system. i.e: printing, file transfers.On environments determined to have low bandwidth, gotomyerp will provide recommendations for a satisfactory bandwidth that would be appropriate for the number of users on the system. Though the network test may prove to be satisfactory from a bandwidth perspective, performance may degrade as users on that network consume bandwidth by using applications that range from Windows updates, to social networking, streaming audio or video, which will adversely affect ping times, and subsequently quality of connection to gotomyerp services.It is the client’s responsibility to address and resolve any issues that may come up related to the above factors with their internal IT department.  We do offer services at an additional price to tune up internal networks and connected devices.YOUR SERVICE QUALITYYou are responsible for meeting the minimum supported platforms for hardware, networking and operating systems as indicated by gotomyerp for any device accessing our service.Our environment exceeds minimum publisher specifications and performance standards.You are responsible for the quality of any device within your organization or telecommunications service that will be use to connect to our service and must be able to access the AWS Firewalls with a minimum QoS (Quality of Service):

  • Dedicated Data Bandwidth Minimum Range: 3-5mbps per connected location for 5-10 Users Accessing the System at Each Location
  • Minimum Range of Low Latency Pings, 25-50ms with a Jitter Range of no greater than 15-20. This is not a guarantee of performance as our test may not reveal variations in performance on the day of test.
  • *We do not provide specifications for wireless, microwave or satellite environments to connect to the internet.
  • *Because service varies greatly in different geographical areas, we are not responsible for Quality of Connection or Your Internet or Communication providers’ performance.
  • Dedicated Data Bandwidth Minimum Range: 3-5mbps per connected location for 5-10 Users Accessing the System at Each Location. VOIP or other streaming requirements are required to be on a dedicated circuit or line.

Firewall Settings. You are responsible for provisioning your firewall settings to allocate bandwidth so that no less than 50% of all available bandwidth is allocated to your connection to’s Environment and given 1st priority over other applications or web traffic.  We also strongly recommend rule sets to eliminate or minimize any streaming or social networks.You Internal Infrastructure is explicitly unsupported by gotomyerp and we make no guarantee as to the quality of any component physical or virtual.Definitions:Bandwidth is a measurement of bit-rate of available or consumed data communication resources expressed in bits per second (e.g.. 5Mbit/s)Latency is the measurement tells how long it takes a “packet” of data to travel from your computer to a server on the Internet and back.Jitter is merely the variance in measuring successive ping tests

How often is my data backed up, and for how long?
There are multiple methods of backup for your data:
The first method is dependent on the software package that you use, For instance:
If you are using Quickbooks, you may schedule QuickBooks backup to run nightly on your server. However please note the following
  1. This will be an additional layer of backup
  2. Please note that Quickbooks scheduled automated backups may fail if there are any issues with the company files, so we rely more on the second method mentioned below for the guaranteed backup of your data files.
Other software, like Sage 100cloud, don’t offer a native backup method and therefore rely on the full server backup method (see below)
The second method is a full backup of the server. This process happens nightly and requires a brief shutdown of the server to ensure data integrity during the backup.
These backups are kept for 14 days, and each backup is copied to a secondary data center in a different geographical location, for disaster recovery purposes.
Backups are retained for 2 weeks by default. Increase backup retention can be requested as well.
Are there any other timeouts on logged on sessions?

Unless otherwise arranged, all remote sessions are subject to timeouts which are explained below:Disconnected Session Time Out: 15 MinutesWhat this means: When a user closes the last hosted application, the session goes into disconnected state, and it will be that way for 15 minutes, after which, the session will completely log off.Example:A user has Sage and Excel open in the hosted environment.If the user closes Sage only, the session is still in active state.When the user closes both Sage and Excel, the session will go into disconnected state.That session will log off 15 minutes after the last application has been closed.This feature can also be useful if a user happens to lose their internet connection on their workstation in the middle of a transaction, and as a result their hosted session gets disconnected.In this case, the user can either move to a different workstation and login, or work on restoring their internet connection within the next 15 minutes. If successful, they can resume their transaction right where they left off.Active Session Timeout: 24 HoursWhat this means:An active session is when a user is actively working in their hosted application, this can mean anything from mouse movement within the application, to actual navigation within the application.A user is allowed to have an active session for 24 consecutive hours after which they are required to log off and log back on.Example:A user starts their session at 8:00AM.The user goes to lunch at 12:00PM, and closes their hosted application. The session will go into disconnected state until 12:15PM, after which it is logged off.If the user logs back on before 12:15PM, they can resume their session, and they are still on the 24 hour counter from 8:00AM, scheduled to be disconnected at 8:00AM the next morning**.If the users reconnected at 1:00PM after coming back from lunch, their session would have already logged off, and their active session new timeout is 1:00PM the next day.****Please keep in mind that all server reboot nightly for backups and maintenance, so in this case, it is a possible that a user session might get disconnected before the timeout, if the maintenance schedule is reached before the timeout threshold.Idle Session Timeout: 2 HoursWhat this means:If a user is away from their workstation or is not performing any activity on the hosted application for 2 hours, the session will get disconnected.Activity can be as simple as mouse movement, and not necessary actively transacting.Example:A user walks away from their workstation for 2 hours. The session will go into disconnected state for 15 minutes, then log off after.A user minimizes their hosted application for 2 hours, and the application is not in focus, meaning, the mouse may not travel over an active screen, the session will go into disconnect state for 15 minutes, then log off after.Please note that it is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to actively close out any applications at the end of your day. Those will not be there the next morning, due to the nightly scheduled maintenance. Doing so will will also reduce the likelihood of data corruption due to abrupt logging off of idling sessions come maintenance time.

How do I get started?
Table of contents

  • STEP 1: Reset Your Password
  • STEP 2: Login To Your Application (PC Users ONLY)
  • STEP 3: Setup FileBridge
Welcome to gotomyerp!
This document will walk you step by step through the process of getting started.
You will need the Company Information Sheet (CIS) or information in your new user email, which will be required to fill in fields in this document.Simply replace the *1 — *6 with their corresponding values in your Company Info Sheet.

STEP 1: Reset Your Password 

  • Download the Desktop Shortcut in ( *2 ) and run it.

When opening the gotomyerp Application portal for the first time, you may receive a bar on the bottom of the browser. Please click on “Allow”
  • Click on “Forgot Password/Reset Password”
  • Click on Enroll
  • Enter your username (Found in the CIS)
  • Enter the default password ( *1 ) in the CIS
  • Set your new password, and confirm
  • Click Continue, and verify your email and enter your phone number for SMS enrollment.
  • Answer the Challenge Questions to complete the process

STEP 2: Login To Your Application (PC Users ONLY) 

Mac Users: Go to the next step for the MAC 

  • Remember: We are still using INTERNET EXPLORER 
  • Sign In with username and password you just changed
  • SINGLE click on the application to launch
  • Click Connect

STEP 3: Setup FileBridge 

  • Download the FileBridge Mapper <– Click
  • Run the downloaded file
    (If you don’t know where the file is downloaded, press CTRL-J on your keyboard, and click on the “FileBridgeMapper.exe” file)
  • Accept any security prompts that may pop up on your screen (if any)
  • Fill in your Company Name
  • The FileBridge URL (found in *4 of your CIS)
  • Your username, which is also in the table in the CIS

  • You can now double-click on the “MapFileBridge” icon on your desktop to connect.
  • Once the window appears, simply type in your gotomyerp  password, and click on “Map FileBridge Drive”
    This drive letter will likely be the G: or the P: drive on your computer, but that is dependent on your individual computer’s configuration. Simply open “My Computer”, and look for a new drive labeled: <Your Company Name> FileBridge

Show me a more detailed instructional video on installing and using FileBridge Congratulations! If you made it this far, you should now already be in the system, and working away.
If you have any questions along the way, we have many resources available at your fingertips in our Knowledgebase. 
Or you can always Submit a Ticket for additional help
Attaching the files directly from FileBridge in Outlook 2016
Table of contents


When trying to attach a file located in File Bridge using Outlook 2016 from New Email -> Attachment File, a hyperlink to the file is created and is embedded as a link in the instead of the traditional attachment.


This is caused because MS Outlook 2016 sending attachments as links by default if they are stored in network-accessible locations.


  1. Locate the file in File bridge, copy it and paste it directly into the body of your email.
  2. Start a new email, right-click the toolbar, and click Customize the Ribbon.
    1. Right-click the New Mail Message section on the right
    2. choose Add New group.
    3. Select “Attach File” command on the left,
    4. Select the new group on the right, and click “Add”. The group here is called “Custom”
The effect is that you now have two Attach File commands
The custom “Attach File” is on the right in the image above, and does not have a drop-down list. This is the one you should use.
What are the requirements to connect to the gotomyerp service?
Table of contents

  • Basic Requirements (for the End Users)
  • More Details (for IT Professionals) Requirements (for larger or locked down environments)
The basic requirements to connect to the gotomyerp service are very simple. However, in some situations, and when connected to a locked down corporate network, some adjustments might be required in order to allow successful connection to the various gotomyerp services.

Basic Requirements (for the End Users):

Operating Systems:
Internet Connection:
  • Internet connection: On average, about 100-200Kbps per connection.
    These can vary drastically, depending on a many factors, including but not limited to:
    • Number of overall users using the connection
    • The types of activities being performed on the network in general
    • The types of documents of activities performed on the remote connection. (a Powerpoint or YouTube consume drastically more bandwidth than a normal text file.
Please refer to the gotomyerp Remote Network Bandwidth Usage for in-depth detail about network and bandwidth requirements.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is the only browser supported for a smooth experience.
    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge will work with some caveats but are not supported.
  • For the Mac platform, any browser can be used for account management and password reset.
  • For the Mac platform, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client from the app store is required to launch RemoteApps.
Firewall and Security:
  • Antivirus, Security software, Windows Firewall, and Corporate Firewall, Network Detection/Prevention Systems (NPS/NDS) need to allow traffic to the following:
    • Your hosting URL (Provided to you on onboarding) on port 443.
    • Exclude the executable: MapFileBridgeDrive.exe (typically installed on the user’s desktop) from being blocked from running by security software
    • Allow the user to run the executable: FileBridgeMapper.exe without being blocked by UAC. This is a one time run.
    • Allow inbound/outbound communication to the FileBridge port. this port would also be specified upon onboarding.
.NET Framework and Powershell
  • Newer OSs (Windows 8/8.1/10) already include everything required.
  • For Windows 7 Operating Systems, and though not currently required, it is highly recommended to install the Windows Management Framework 4.0. If your organization does not have any dependencies on the old version of Powershell v2.0, we recommend installing this update. (Reboot Required)

More Details (for IT Professionals) Requirements (for larger or locked down environments):

Certain matters as they pertain to connectivity, can be due to some lock downs within corporate environments.
gotomyerp will make a best effort recommendation regarding required network settings and configurations. However, because each organization is different, gotomyerp cannot advise on specifics beyond what is described in this document and linked documents.
Internet Connection and LAN Considerations
  • In some instances, Quality of Service (QoS) rules are in place to limit the bandwidth consumed by each user. For optimal performance, we recommend that all traffic to gotomyerp servers is allowing each user at least 2Mbps/2Mbps down for bandwidth limits.
  • Networks which have Voice over IP (VoIP) running, should separate their VoIP traffic from their data traffic on separate VLANs per VoIP recommendations. This requires an infrastructure with managed switches to accomplish.
Browsers and Firewall/Workstation Security
  • If Group Policy is used to secure user’s workstations, it might impede the successful functioning of the RemoteApp on the user’s workstation. For this reason, we recommend the following:
    • That the hosted site (provided upon provisioning), or simply * be added to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer.
      • Depending on the lockdown of this GPO, further adjustments might be needed under the Trusted Sites:
        • User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page > Trusted Sites Zone (or Locked-Down Trusted Sites Zones, depending on whether IEESC is enabled)
          • Download Signed ActiveX controls -> Enabled
          • Automatic Prompting for ActiveX controls -> Enabled
        • User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Advanced Page
          • Do Not Save Encrypted Pages on Disk -> Disabled
  • For FileBridge to function, the Internet Explorer setting should also be changed, under Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Custom Level
    • Change from Automatic Login in Intranet Zone to Automatic Logon with Current Username and Password
  • Firewall and security settings should be setup to allow outbound access to the FileBridge URL, which is provided upon provisioning
    • To verify that it is working, a telnet to the port can be used:
    • telnet <portnumber>
    • If the connection succeeds, then FileBridge should function correctly.
Single Sign-On
Single-Sign is not referring to one that would pass-through authentication from your corporate network, but rather passing authentication from the gotomyerp application portal to the applications themselves when launched, within the gotomyerp environment.
  • The above browser settings are required to allow a Microsoft ActiveX plugin to install: MsRdpClientShell Class
Upon first access of the gotomyerp application portal, and ActiveX plugin needs to be installed, and the user will be prompted with a similar prompt. This plugin needs to be installed to allow the user to pass through their authentication from the portal, to the RemoteApp.
  • You can check whether the plugin is installed by going to the following:
    • Internet Options > Programs > Manage Add-ons: Make sure that the MsRdpShell Class is in the list and enabled
Why do I need to use Internet Explorer when launching gotomyerp applications?

In order to provide the smoothest experience for our users, we highly recommend that they use the most compatible and support browser for our technology. That browser is Internet Explorer 11 or newer.Windows 10 users often confuse the Microsoft Edge icon for the Microsoft Internet Explorer icon. Please note the difference:The icon you will mostly see for Internet Explorer is the following:All alternate browsers (including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) will all behave similarly if used, and will prompt for a second user credential prompt. Those browsers are unsupported.At this time, only Internet Explorer has the necessary add-on architecture to support the single-sign on technology which allow seamless login to gotomyerp application, and prevents the second credential pop up when launching an application.If you are sure that you are using Internet Explorer 11, and you are still receiving the pop up, please take a look at this article for information on how to resolve that problem.