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Global Payroll: The Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially when it’s something as big as implementing a global payroll system for the first time in your company. You’re going to encounter a few challenges along the way. Some of these challenges will be specific to your circumstances, while some will be the same that every multinational faces in […]

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The Importance of Tax Return Accuracy

The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is smart thinking and allocation of resources. Before making any decision, entrepreneurs weigh the pros and cons and draft feasibility reports to see if the decision will benefit the business in the long run. Since new entrepreneurs don’t have too many funds to invest, they seek solutions that […]

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8 Impressive Productivity Tools for Your Small Business Success

Every entrepreneur dreams of building a successful business. Luckily, we live in the sharing era, where everything necessary to pursue this dream of ours is accessible to us. We have business gurus sharing their experiences and tips on how to survive when circumstances are against us. We have unicorns sharing growth-hacking ideas on how to […]

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Startup Questions: What Does Small Business Accounting Involve?

Accounting can often be an unfamiliar domain for startups. New entrepreneurs usually do not have any idea of what accounting entails and can look lost whenever they have to plan their accounting functions. Some entrepreneurs even prefer to stick to the basics to avoid getting into the complexity of the numbers game. However, just like […]

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The Implications of Poor Bookkeeping

There’s a lot that can go wrong with a business’s everyday functions—especially with regard to bookkeeping. Most financial discrepancies occur because of the methods used by your company for accounting purposes. Some of these bad bookkeeping methods include: Here are some areas that get affected if your poor bookkeeping practices are not up to the mark: Purchases  […]

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The Importance of Tax Planning for Small Business Owners

Tax planning is basically forecasting your business’s tax liability for a forthcoming year using the financial records and then creating circumstances and ways to reduce it. What Are the Different Types of Taxes Small Business Owners Have To Pay? Small business owners have to pay: There is also an excise tax; however, the excise tax […]