The Location of Your Cloud and Your Bandwidth

Published January 17, 2023
cloud hosting solutions for SMEs

We’re often asked if it’s possible to choose any location for setting up your cloud server. The answer is YES. gotomyerp can help you establish a cloud server at any location if your bandwidth meets the needs of cloud computing today. But how much bandwidth exactly counts as sufficient? That depends upon your day-to-day internet usage and application. To determine your requirements, consider all the ways your internet is used, the frequency and number of email users, voice-over IP and video conferencing, online backups, and file transfers, to name a few. For more information on bandwidth and quality of experience, click here.

Where the liability of your internet connection is paramount as low bandwidth means slow network performance and diminished productivity, potentially putting you at a disadvantage against competitors, not only must you ensure that your internet backbone can handle your current needs it must be able to meet the increasing demand for your business for the future. Once your bandwidth needs are taken care of, it’s easy to get connected, and at gotomyerp, we’re here to help. Sign up online today or call us at (877) 888-5525.