Signs That You Need a New ERP Solution

Published January 21, 2023
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Integrating your core business processes into an ERP system or switching to a whole new solution is undoubtedly a huge decision. As your enterprise grows and expands, you’ll face new issues and challenges which you’d like your ERP system to take care of. Unfortunately, this is not possible in all cases, as not all options on the market offer the adaptability and scalability to cater to the constantly evolving and ever-changing needs of a growing business. When it comes to business automation, companies need to take a proactive approach. In many cases, companies make a decision to change or upgrade only when it’s too late, and they’ve been left in the dust by the competition.

But how do you know when is the right time to change or upgrade your ERP solution? Well, that’s the purpose of this blog post. Here are some signs that indicate you need to upgrade to a new ERP solution.

Different Departments of Your Organization Are Running Different Systems

If the different departments within your organization are running different systems, it can result in quite a chaotic situation. For instance, if your sales department is utilizing one system for inputting client credentials and your finance team is using another to keep tacks of payables and receivables; you’re highly unlikely to get the complete picture. This can potentially throw a spanner in your decision-making process. At gotomyerp, we provide customizable solutions that will seamlessly incorporate all the different systems your company is using. This will enable your staff to get faster access to your data, enhance decision-making, and free up time which can be utilized on tasks that offer a higher value.

Your Current ERP System Is Nearing Its Expiry Date

If you’ve had your current ERP system for a few years now, chances are that it’s reaching the end of its useful life. This’ll mean that it will no longer receive any updates, upgrades, or vendor support. Although your ERP system isn’t going to stop working, it’s best to start searching for a new solution. With gotomyerp, however, you’re not just our client, but you’re also our tech partner. We provide product support to our clients whenever they need it and as long as they need it.

Your Business Has Outgrown the Capabilities of Your ERP System

As a business grows, its operations and requirements grow too. Your current ERP system might’ve worked for you in the infancy of your business, but it could be struggling to process the increasing amounts of data that are a result of a growing enterprise. Increasing limited-user license fees and maintenance fees indicate that your current ERP solution doesn’t scale well. An ERP solution is supposed to facilitate and streamline your organization’s growth instead of slowing it down and creating additional work. If this is the case, you should probably think about getting a new solution and get in touch with an expert consultant. They can help you assess the current and future needs of your business. This will enable you to find an effective and long-lasting new ERP solution.

The Dynamics of Your Business Are Changing

Decentralization is perhaps the hottest trend in the modern business landscape. Telecommuting has become common, and business leaders are often managing and collaborating with employees and even entire departments from entirely different locations. However, when your employees are mobile, you need your data to be mobile as well. If you’re currently using an on-premise ERP solution, it won’t be able to provide the real-time data that your mobile employees will need.

However, a cloud-hosted ERP solution, such as QuickBooks hosting, will provide a seamless transition from the home, to the office, to the road, and back. It will essentially turn mobility into an actual advantage for your business. gotomyerp can offer you expert advice on how you can make a seamless migration from an on-premise ERP to a cloud-based solution.

Your Current ERP Solution Is Struggling To Keep Pace With Changing Regulations

Industry compliance regulations, such as tax rules, are regularly changing. Businesses have to keep on their toes not just to remain compliant but also to take advantage of opportunities provided by changing regulations. Legacy systems simply aren’t designed to act as highly responsive business pivots. Therefore, they don’t offer the agile response you’ll need in case your business is presented with a sudden opportunity to grow.

On the other hand, a cloud-based ERP solution can easily keep tabs on the changing compliance regulations. Furthermore, it also offers the scalability required to meet the changes.

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