Key Factors To Consider During ERP System Adoption

Published January 18, 2023
erp system implementation for SMBs

While the right ERP solution can work wonders for an organization in terms of productivity and efficiency, the adoption of a new system can be quite a challenging undertaking. It’s a multifaceted process, and companies often have to face obstacles and exercise patience before they’re able to reap the rewards. One of the main challenges faced by organizations during a new ERP system adoption is getting the staff’s buy-in. This is essential as even the best and most advanced ERP system is only as good as its users. If your staff fails to adapt to the new system, you risk losing a lot of money.

A primary reason why ERP implementations end up going over budget and over time is that managers place too much focus on the implementation process itself and ignore the numerous preparatory measures that can smooth out the adoption process. Over the course of this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of these measures.

Ensuring Everyone Is on the Same Page

Before pulling the trigger on a new ERP solution for your company, it’s vital that you inform everyone involved in your organization about this decision and get their input. As a new ERP system can have a big impact on the daily operations of your staff and employees, you don’t want to wait until the last second to share this important information with them. This is where the adoption process truly begins, not when the system is actually being implemented. Employees of an organization are generally not pleased by abrupt changes, especially those that have a bearing on their day-to-day operations. Getting them on board with the decision from the get-go can help ensure that productivity and efficiency don’t suffer when the new system is implemented.

Getting the staff’s input and feedback is also a vital part of the adoption process. This involves asking your staff about their work process and how they complete their daily tasks. When you choose Gotomyerp as your tech partner, our team of expert analysts takes care of all of these things. We get to know all about your business and your staff before we come up with a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Making Sure That Your Tech Partner Is on the Right Track

ERP implementation isn’t a piece of cake, and it’s common for the process to take more time than initially expected. However, what isn’t okay is waiting for days for your tech partner to respond to an issue. Transparency and flawless communication is the key when it comes to a smooth adoption process. Suppose your vendor is failing to give your project the attention it requires in the initial stages. It’s best to end the relationship. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re stuck with a solution that you aren’t satisfied with.

Constantly Stress the Positive Impact of an ERP System 

In some cases, the personnel from different departments of an organization don’t understand the decision to switch from a legacy system, which they think works just right, to a more holistic automation system. This is why it’s important to stress the benefits and advantages of digital transformation and how it’s going to have a positive impact on everyone involved with the organization. Inform and educate your staff on how a new solution can enhance their daily operations. As we mentioned above, it’s vital to include your employees in your decision to get a new ERP solution that is purpose-built to suit your organization’s strategy.

Give Importance To Training

In order to attain seamless ERP system adoption, it’s essential that you prioritize training. Even if the implementation process plays out smoothly, you’re organization is definitely going to face difficulties in the adoption stage if the right onboarding and training process isn’t in place. Even the best ERP solutions on the market are only as efficient and productive as their users. If your employees aren’t trained to operate the new system, how do you expect them to use it to its full potential? A good tech partner can be a great help in this endeavor. When you work with Gotomyerp, we provide comprehensive guides comprised of tutorials and videos to make adoption easy for your company’s staff.

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