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Why Uptime is Critical With QuickBooks Hosting

While technology has brought more improvements to the workspace, it also has a unique set of problems associated with it. The greater integration between different organizational facets—based on interconnectivity from the internet and connections between different software—creates a domino-like chain of disruption if one part of the chain breaks. While it’s possible to establish guidelines […]

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Cloud-Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise: What Can You Expect?

The rise of the internet and digital commercial space has deeply impacted commercial activities. Whether we’re looking at inter-organizational strategy and coordination or business-customer interactions, greater technological dependence is profoundly changing the commercial landscape. It’s now possible for business owners to attain financial projections within minutes, resolve supply chain problems, and access business data from […]

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The Collaboration, Security, and Mobility Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting

Cloud-hosted data management solutions have enabled more advantages than we could have imagined. While most of these solutions were available to people in their offices, cloud computing has made running a business far more convenient than ever before. When we look at the advantages of cloud-hosting QuickBooks, it’s almost like carrying your entire business in […]

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Common Accounting Principles You Need to Know

Every business that’s based in the US needs to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. These are a set of commonly used business accounting principles that are recommended by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Businesses are expected to comply with these rules so there can be general consistency, clarity, and easy comparability between financial information from […]

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Can Accountants Work from Home?

With each passing day, more and more Americans are switching to working from home. In 2017, around eight million Americans worked from home. This figure increased by 5% compared to 2016. And since then, the trend has only seen upward growth. But what about more specialized roles, such as an accountant? Can accountants follow suit and […]

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The Questions You Should Ask a QuickBooks Hosting Provider

The greater integration enabled by cloud technology brings with it a collection of problems that can only be mitigated if you have a reliable hosting service provider. When it comes to cloud-hosted QuickBooks subscriptions, then all of your data streams are connected to a single database that might go down for any reason. There are […]