All You Need to Know About the “Cloud-First” Business Model

Published August 3, 2021
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According to Gartner, the global market for cloud products and services is expected to grow at a staggering rate of 80%. It’s projected to reach 331 billion USD from 182 billion USD by 2033.

Thanks to the rapidly evolving technology, more businesses can invest in SaaS services and AKA cloud applications. The growth potential of the cloud app market is extremely high and is expected to go uphill soon. With many MNCs and conglomerates adopting the cloud, SMEs have also started inclining toward SaaS.

Today, the cloud has become vital to many businesses’ core models. Aspiring business owners are looking for ways to start their venture with a cloud-first strategy.

The cloud-first strategy can help businesses transform digitally without incurring high expenses. It offers them an opportunity to stand apart in the cut-throat market landscape. Moreover, many companies are focused on adopting the cloud-first model to avoid the traditional expenses of deploying software and an extensive IT team.

Cloud-based solutions are undeniably easier to use, cost-effective, time-efficient, and less complex than standard software modules. From collecting and storing to analyzing and consolidating data, users can perform all kinds of day-to-day operations within minutes.

Cloud-First Strategy: A Deeper Look

Cloud platforms like Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure by Microsoft have made their way into many SMEs and large firms. A cloud-first strategy aims to reduce human capital and IT infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for physical data storage centers. It also mitigates potential data theft and loss by safely and securely storing data on the cloud.

A few years ago, the cloud-first strategy seemed like a radical business strategy. But over 60% of global companies have successfully implemented it today. Almost every industry has undergone a drastic cloud transformation from healthcare, education, IT, retail, and manufacturing to automobiles.

With the cloud-first business model, here’s how to reduce business costs and enhance employee productivity.

1. It Ensures Data Security

Data loss and theft incidents have increased, especially amidst the pandemic. More than 80% of the total American firms have experienced at least one security breach. This is where a cloud-first model helps. Storing your discrete company data on the cloud is imperative. This eliminates the risk of permanently losing important information because it’s stored on the cloud.

By controlling access, you can ensure only authorized company personnel access confidential data. Moving to the cloud also reduces workload by more than 60%, making your employees more productive and less worried about incidents at data centers. You can adopt a cloud-based model for all business functions, including accounting.

QuickBooks is a premium cloud-based accounting software replete with robust features that can help you take your business profits to the next level.

2. Paves the Way for Multi-Cloud Model

Cloud-hosted software solutions like QuickBooks and Sage offer companies a chance to enhance multi-channel productivity.

Managing more than one channel at a time can be challenging. Therefore, optimized cloud software can help business owners stay on top of channel performance. However, it’s important to note that cloud-first doesn’t have to be cloud-always. While digitalization is vital for every modern business, human interaction has its unique significance too.

Automating Accounting Practices With QuickBooks

Gone are the days when you’d spend days crunching numbers before starting a new business. From annual reporting to tax filing, every accounting function requires time, money, and effort—but not anymore. With QuickBooks, companies can streamline their bookkeeping unit without hiring several employees.

QuickBooks is the ultimate solution for companies adopting or strengthening their cloud-first business model.

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