How to Prepare Your Small Business for Accounting Automation

Published June 2, 2021
automated accounting solutions for small medium businesses

Thanks to intelligent automation, the global finance and accounting industry gained approximately $ 512 billion in revenue in 2020, despite all odds.

But it’s also interesting to note that despite the staggering numbers, only 10% of the total small businesses have deployed automated practices worldwide. This means that the growth figure is chiefly associated with the advancement and profits of global giants.

Staying lucrative and relevant in today’s market mandates the timely deployment of cloud-hosted software tools such as QuickBooks, SAP, Acumatica, and Sage. These advanced yet affordable software platforms are efficient in helping small companies earn big.

Stats show that amidst the pandemic, over 65% of small businesses moved toward automation and AI-driven technologies to fast-track their growth and revenue. And if you’re also considering jumping on the bandwagon, now’s a great time to prepare for small business accounting automation.

Deploying automated accounting software like QuickBooks not only helps you make your business more sustainable but also increases employee satisfaction and enjoyment. By reducing the need to perform repetitive tasks, paperwork, and analytical reporting, QuickBooks can help boost employee productivity and autonomy.

As a leading cloud-hosted services provider in the US and Canada, we’ve helped hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses successfully adopt automated accounting in the wake of the pandemic. Our experts predict that leveraging the power of AI and cloud-driven tools is one of the most effective ways to keep your SME up and running.

Although it might still seem new, automated accounting is here to stay. Here are all the tips and tricks to help you navigate the process swiftly.

Make Employee Training Your Utmost Priority

Dissatisfaction with effective and well-thought training can lead to non-productivity and prevent workers from learning about the new software tool. To ensure an automated accounting tool’s smooth and successful implementation, make training a priority. Assign sufficient time and means to make training comprehensive and well-received.

Another effective tip to attract more employee buy-ins is to assist them in understanding why this new automated accounting software is important, what benefits it will reap for the organization, and how it will make their work easier and more streamlined.

Set Clear and Realistic Deadlines

Conduct one-on-one meetings with the employees to make them understand how and when the automated accounting tool will be implemented.

Measurable performance points and realistic deadlines are crucial in ensuring accounting automation success.

Use Data Governance

Ensure you take all the necessary steps to safeguard company data before deploying cloud-hosted software services.

Consider all the internal and external factors that might create hurdles in implementing automated accounting. Strategize policies that leverage the power of data governance tools for automated validation. Moreover, research different cloud-hosted service providers instead of finalizing the first one you come across.

For maximum data security and reliability, choose gotomyerp as your automated accounting software hosting partner. Our implementation and training experts can help you understand the ins and outs of software deployment in your business.

Involve All the Employees

Since accounting workers will be an inevitable part of automated accounting employment procedures, involving every employee in the change is important. Accounting is a core aspect of a business, and all other departments depend on it. Therefore, you must communicate and engage employees from marketing, HR, supply chain, and other process units in this automation journey.

The project shouldn’t just feature accounting workers. It should also incorporate both managerial and worker-level employees from the IT department. If you opt for a cloud-hosted software service like gotomyerp, you won’t have to worry about hiring additional employees to handle the technicalities of an automated tool. We offer comprehensive implementation, training, and support services that’ll prepare your existing employees for the change.

To streamline the automation process, make sure to stay on top of management, planning, supervision, and coordination tasks. These play an integral role in bringing all the employees on one platform.

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