6 Reasons to Love QuickBooks Desktop in 2021

Published March 16, 2021
quickbooks desktop for small medium businesses

QuickBooks accounting software has gained massive popularity in the small business community. It offers user-friendly, seamless, and efficient features that are better than other cloud and bookkeeping solutions available in the market.

According to Intuit, QuickBooks secured one million customers fifteen years after its launch but gained over 4.5 million customers within the next few years. Its unmatched, impeccable data entry and accounting features assist small business owners in steering clear of accounting mishaps and compliance issues.

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The success and growth of QuickBooks aren’t a surprise. Its excellence and ability to integrate with some of the best CRM systems make it the star of the show. Deploying QuickBooks desktop at your business operations unit is lucrative to accelerate your profits and cut overall costs.

It reduces work monotony, helps you focus on more critical business functions, establishes secure databases, and reduces paper consumption. Today, businesses around the globe are interested in deploying QuickBooks more than ever.

Why Use QuickBooks Desktop in 2021?

Accounting and finance management is the utmost priority of any business. Managing payrolls, keeping track of expenses, computing receivables and payables, and storing vendor information are critical business aspects.

Thanks to modern technology, digital transformation has led to a dramatic change in outdated, traditional account management practices. Software solutions like QuickBooks have enabled small businesses to integrate and perform mundane and specialized accounting tasks with diligence and efficiency.

QuickBooks is your ultimate answer if you’re a small business owner interested in reducing your business inefficiency by meeting its accounting requirements. It’ll help you grow your business by streamlining all of its functions across the board.

Moreover, deploying QuickBooks is the best way to stay ahead of the industry competition. The software is feature-rich, user-friendly, and offers cutting-edge processing speed, making it the perfect accounting companion for small businesses.

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Let’s dig deeper and find out all the reasons why business owners in various industries are a fan of QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Automated Invoice Generation

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 has secured a lot of attention from small business owners. And automated payment slip generation is one of the main reasons for its success.

The new QBTD can generate payment reminders, statements, vendor and merchant invoices, and keep track of the receivables.

2. Tailored Payment Invoices

To help businesses showcase their uniqueness and brand identity through their invoicing platform, the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 offers an option to edit and design a custom layout for invoices.

The same design can be integrated for POs, estimates, and payment reminders sent to the merchants. You can incorporate your business logo, mention contact details, and play with various font styles and color options to create a design that best represents your business.

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3. Customer Clusters

Identifying and catering to the right target market is a primary goal for any business. It’s the epitome of business growth and success. And this is where QuickBooks steps in. This software isn’t just for accounting and data entry purposes; it also features advanced tools that directly and indirectly impact your sales and profits.

QuickBooks allows you to enter your customers’ information with 360-degree protection. And by assessing each customer’s location and purchase history, the software generates automated invoices and reminders and creates a mailing list with categorized divisions.

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4. Receipt Storage

Generate and classify revenues with the QuickBooks 2021 Desktop update. From the app or play store, download the QuickBooks smartphone application, conveniently take pictures of your receipts and documents and upload them on the software for efficient storage and audit procedure.

The software also allows you to accumulate, sort, evaluate, and manage transactions and receipts.

5. Efficient Payroll Setup

The days of documenting salary slips and employee performance are long gone. Advanced tools such as the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 version allow businesses to transform legacy payroll functions into an integrated, state-of-the-art business process.

Using QuickBooks, HR, and accounting departments can stay updated on employees’ performance and progress in order to compute monthly remuneration. It also assists in maintaining salary records without excessive physical documentation.

6. Matching Payments for Merchants

Permit your dealers and merchants to align their transactions with complete security. QuickBooks cloud desktop offers holistic data and user protection for matching payments. As merchants enter their data, it’s automatically updated and stored in the cloud system and updated in the accounting records.

Conclusively, the QuickBooks 2021 desktop version is instrumental in reducing business expenses and surging profits. It not only offers an optimization feature, but the holistic, all-in-one accounting, payroll, data entry, and tracking system is also very secure and easy to use.

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