Switching to a New QuickBooks Hosting Provider? Read This First…

Published January 8, 2023
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Switching from one QuickBooks service provider to another is never a simple or straightforward task. Factors such as planning, testing, and execution are a part of the migration process and must be considered carefully before the switch is finally made. If your business is planning a QuickBooks hosting migration for the first time, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. These include analyzing the risks and benefits that are associated with the new service provider. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a QuickBooks Hosting migration is, how to evaluate a reliable service provider and the benefits of migrating.

The Process of QuickBooks Hosting Migration

QuickBooks Hosting Migration refers to the process of moving QuickBooks software and data from the previous service provider’s hosting platform to another. The entire process begins by identifying the core issues that are forcing you to migrate to a new cloud provider. If it becomes clear that such issues aren’t likely to be resolved in the near future, the search for a new service provider begins. The new business partner is judged on various parameters such as performance, cost, repute, how well they understand your business, and quality of customer services, to name a few. Once a suitable service provider is identified, the migration process begins. Finally, the business learns to adapt to the new platform, and operations continue as usual.

Things to Look Out for in the New Service Provider

The following are a few considerations to keep in mind when finding a new QuickBooks hosting service provider.

  • Does the service provider deliver Intuit-authorized hosting services?
  • Is the service provider capable of adjusting to growing business needs by scaling up or down?
  • How secure is your application on the cloud?
  • What is the service uptime that you can expect?
  • Are disaster recovery plans and business continuity part of the hosting plan?

Benefits of Migrating to a New Service Provider

The following are a few benefits of migrating to a quality QuickBooks hosting service provider:

  • Affordable solutions based on a pay-as-you-go-model
  • Reduced operational costs as compared to the previous service provider
  • The promise of better access, data protection, and enhanced security measures
  • Service features such as disaster recovery plans, routine data backups, and business continuity
  • Improved customer service and support

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